123 Farm Christmas Light Display fun for the whole family


The lights display at 123 Farm in Cherry Valley is great for the whole family to go to, and features a ton of great places to take photos!

First, a disclaimer: If you are avoiding as much human contact as possible, I’d advise you do not go. While everyone is wearing a mask, except when taking pictures, you will walk by a few people within 6 feet. But, if you are comfortable, then you should definitely consider going.

The first display you’ll see is tons of lights hanging from a tree, that make for a great, bright picture. As you continue on, there is mini bridge to cross over that is perfect for a quick picture. There is also a gingerbread house, and 3 sets of mini houses each with 5 elves to find. There are cleverly named stores like Gnome Depot, and a robotic grinch and other scenes in several windows.

Now, walking around and taking so many pictures may work up an appetite, but no problem. There is a take-out window restaurant offering food such as pizza and fries, and desserts such as ice cream and hot chocolate.

Overall, the lights display at 123 Farms is a great place for the family to get Christmas cards, Instagram profile worthy photos, and to get into the Christmas spirit.

Parking is $10, and there is no entrance fee at after parking. Where comfortable walking shoes! Have fun!