19 students recognized for perfect scores on state math test

Each spring, all students in Grades 3 – 8, and Grade 11 are administered the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress, also known as CAASPP, for English language arts/literacy and mathematics. CAASPP results give us one measure of how well students are mastering the state’s challenging academic standards.

The CAASPP for English language arts/literacy and mathematics are customized tests using a computer adaptive format.

Mrs. Eva Serrato, Academic Agent; math/science, college and career pathways explained it this way: “The questions get harder when students answer correctly, and it gets easier when they answer incorrectly; allowing students to better demonstrate what they know. After students take the CAASPP for English language arts/literacy and mathematics, results are reported using scaled scores. A scaled score is the student’s overall numerical score, which falls on a scale from approximately 2000 to 3000. The Highest Obtainable Scale Score is different for each grade level.”

Along with the success of the CAASPP scores, other measures that evaluate student success include classroom tests, assignments, grades, performance tasks, and portfolios of student work…The Board of Education recognized 19 students who scored perfect scores (the Highest Obtainable Scale Score) for their grade level on the CAASPP for mathematics.

Student Nathaniel Kalaw’s recognition was framed in a different color, black, because this superb scholar from Jehue, who is now at Rialto Middle, has had a perfect score in mathematics, for four consecutive years. Rafael Guerrero, who is also at Rialto Middle School now, had a perfect score for three straight years, so his frame was in a different color; walnut.

Kalaw mentioned, “I did not, at all, ever think I was going to have a perfect score for one year, let alone for four years. The award was real big, and I studied hard so this is all pretty cool.”

Students who scored perfect scores are Taylor Ana, Steve Sanchez-Fuentes, Bo Almanza, Natalie Villalpando, Otto Van Hutton, Sasha Burns, Aidan Keo, Jose Gonzalez, Olgha Mbarka, Tito Duran Villegas, Rafael Guerrero Sanchez, Anthony Alvarez, Amritbani Jawanda, Gilberto Oviedo, Alejandro Cea, Raja Saadiq-Saoud, Julia Kearney, Kevin Martinez, and Nathaniel Ryan Kalaw.


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