April 22, 2024


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Aquinas High School Graduate Diego Guerrero Nominated by Rep. Pete Aguilar, Set to Begin Journey at U.S. Naval Academy

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Representative Pete Aguilar presenting IE Native Diego Guerrero with a certificate of recognition on June 26th, 2023.

Aquinas High School Graduate Diego Guerrero, 18, is set to embark on a journey that few from his region have taken. This fall, Guerrero will begin his studies at the U.S. Naval Academy, a prestigious institution that trains future U.S. Navy and Marine Corps officers.

Aguilar is sharing words with Guererro about how he’s looking forward to witnessing him inspire the next generation of potential U.S. Naval Academy participants.

The Naval Academy, located in Annapolis, Maryland, is a four-year coeducational federal service academy. Admission to the academy is highly competitive and requires a nomination from a member of Congress, the Vice President, or the President. Guerrero’s nomination came from Rep. Pete Aguilar of California’s 33rd Congressional District.

“We are so proud of Diego Guerrero of Aquinas Catholic High School in San Bernardino as he prepares to enter the U.S. Naval Academy this fall,” Aguilar said. “It was an honor to nominate him, and all of us wish him well as he continues a life of service to our country.”

Guerrero’s nomination and acceptance into the Naval Academy is a significant achievement for the region, which Aguilar noted struggles with representation in service academies. “Exposure is key,” Aguilar said. “Most people in our region aren’t aware of the opportunities these academies provide. When the Air Force Academy visited Aquinas, only about three students knew what it was.”

Guerrero, who enjoys math and history, plans to study engineering at the Naval Academy. He also desires to study abroad, possibly in Europe, during his time at the academy.

Guerrero Sr., Diego Guerrero, and Rep. Aguilar sharing a proud moment at Aguilar’s office in San Bernardino.

Aguilar emphasized the importance of Guerrero’s journey for the young scholar and the region. “Diego’s journey is an opportunity to sharpen the aspirations of our young people,” Aguilar said. “We want to encourage more students to apply and compete for these opportunities.”

Guerrero’s commitment to service was recognized with a letter of recognition from Congressman Aguilar. The young scholar began his Naval Academy journey the week of June 25th, 2023.

“Diego, we appreciate what you’ve signed up for,” Aguilar said. “Your journey is a testament to the potential of our region. We hope you’ll return and show your academy to our community, inspiring more students to follow in your footsteps.”

Guerrero’s journey is a beacon of hope for the region, demonstrating that local students can achieve great things with passion, dedication, and the right opportunities. As the Class of 2023 alum prepares to serve his country, his community watches on with pride and anticipation.


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