June 23, 2024


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SBPD Just Seized 129 Illegal Firearms, Raising Concerns Over 3-D Printed and Ghost Guns in San Bernardino

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Photos: Manny Sandoval - Captain Nelson Carrington of the Investigations Division explaining how 3-D printed and ghost guns are difficult to trace as they are manufactured without a serial number.

In an unprecedented operation, the San Bernardino Police Department (SBPD) has seized 129 illegal firearms, including rifles, handguns, and ghost guns, marking one of the largest firearm seizures in the community’s history.

The operation, which began on Wednesday, July 12th, and concluded on Thursday, July 13th, spanned across Hesperia, Apple Valley, and San Bernardino. The search warrants led to the discovery of illegal firearms in various locations, including a tune-up shop where weapons were being manufactured.

Ghost guns, firearms that are non-serialized and therefore difficult to track, were among the weapons recovered. These guns, along with 3-D printed firearms, pose a unique challenge to law enforcement due to their untraceability.

Rifles, handguns, ghost guns, 3-D printed guns, and even brass knuckles are seized from eight illegally operating businesses in San Bernardino and across the Inland Empire. 

“It’s harder to track ghost and 3-D printed guns because they’re non-serialized,” said Captain Nelson Carrington of the Investigations Division. “These weapons are landing in the hands of criminals; they’re being modified. Several rifles are fully automatic and have the ability to hurt lots of people.”

In addition to the firearms, the SBPD also seized $600,000 in cash and a significant amount of narcotics. The operation has shed light on the growing issue of illegal firearm manufacturing in local businesses, some of which are using 3-D printers to supply criminals with these weapons.

One of the locations where illegal firearms were recovered is a business on the 2200 block of Golden Avenue, in San Bernardino near Perris Hill Park.

One of the businesses where illegal firearms were seized is located in the strip mall located on the 2200 Block of Golden Avenue in San Bernardino, near Hunt Elementary School and Perris Hill Park.

Captain Carrington urged the community to report any suspicious activities related to narcotics or illegal firearm sales. “If you see any narcotic or illegal firearm sales, please reach out to us,” he said.

This operation underscores the urgent need for community vigilance and stricter regulations on ghost guns and 3-D printed firearms. As the SBPD continues its efforts to combat illegal firearm activities, the safety of the San Bernardino community remains its top priority.


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