As one City of Colton mural is cancelled, another is created

Photo Dr. G:  The murals painted on La Cadena Drive catch the attention of hundreds of drivers per day, who could be seen stopping to snap a photo every now and then.

On Monday, January 24 the Colton Beautification Committee held a meeting for the first time since the onset of the pandemic.

The committee includes Councilmembers Dr. G, Isaac Suchil, and David Toro — along with City Manager Bill Smith, Assistant Public Works Director and City Engineer Victor Ortiz, and Public Works and Utility Services Director Brian Dickenson.

One major item of discussion during the meeting was in regards to putting the once forthcoming mural located over the Santa Ana River Bridge on hold due to significant challenges, but in lieu agreed upon another location.

“The mural that was in the works on the bridge over the Santa Ana River required the city to garner permits from BNSF Railway and San Bernardino County Flood Control District and posed maintenance challenges regarding graffiti removal,” said Councilmember Dr. G.

Another point of hesitation is the potential of the bridge getting replaced should the Cal Portland site get developed by BNSF Railway as part of the high-speed rail project in the future.

“Instead our committee agreed upon moving forward with creating a mural under the C Street underpass, to keep it consistent with our two other murals that are located on underpasses as well,” continued Dr. G.

The two existing murals are located on the underpasses on Ninth Street and La Cadena Drive, which were both completed by local Artist Eliseo Silva in 2018 and 2021.

“First the Colton City Council will take a vote on the forthcoming C Street Mural, but we already have a painter and the funds to complete the project; so once approved…it’ll be designed fairly quick,” Dr. G said.

“I hope to see more of Colton’s rich history represented in the forthcoming mural. I’d like to see a mural representative of one or all of Colton’s six districts including the Ninth Street Historic District, the La Cadena Historical District, Terrace Historic District, Citrus Park Historical District, the San Salvador Historic District, or the Agua Mansa Historical District,” concluded Dr. G. Dr. G said that as a friendly reminder he encourages Colton residents to make mural suggestions or any city recommendation by leaving a public comment at a future city council meeting.