Athletes for Life transforms San Bernardino youth into masters of their own craft

Photo AFL: Athletes for Life MasterClass and MasterAchieve Programs have been enriching the minds of youth and adults in San Bernardino, free of charge, strengthening equitable educational opportunities in the city since February 2021.
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Athletes for Life teamed up with the San Bernardino YMCA in February 2020 to provide youth in the city an opportunity gain equitable educational opportunities through Masterclass.

“Our students now have access to a program that energizes, motivates, and inspires today’s high school students with Athletes for Life After School Academy in partnership with the San Bernardino YMCA, though our AFL MasterClass and MasterAchieve Programs,” said Founder and CEO Greg Bell.

The newly implemented programming was made possible due to a generous grant from the online education platform MasterClass.

“This program provides students in the city with an opportunity to expose the schools and communities to today’s leading industry influencers. We’ve been providing an exciting 11-week program to assist our students and parents who may be disengaged with the online routine by providing them with tools, tips, and strategies they can utilize in the real world and become the influencers of the future,” continued Bell.

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Another exciting component of this innovative programming is that Athletes for Life has also forged a leadership program, called the PASS Program for students that would like to attend the YMCA for in-person teaching.

“There’s many benefits to the MasterClass and Achieve program…we’re seeing students develop and increase oral communication skills, elevate leadership, strengthen critical thinking and decision making, while increasing academic achievement and online attendance,” Bell said.

The current session’s program areas include culinary, fashion and design, basketball skills, music production, management and marketing, public speaking, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, gaming and coding.

Bell says he’s passionate about passing information and opportunity to the youth as he was inspired to do so after being raised by a single mother and receiving much support form his community…before making it to the National Football League (NFL) and playing for the Rams and Raiders.

“It’s all about being able to help the next generation of kids and our organization is proud to announce that in the past 30 years Athletes for Life has served over 10,000 kids form San Bernardino and across the southland. We’re excited to continue our work here in the city and look forward to the future,” concluded Bell.

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