Aventon Bicycles donates N95 and surgical masks to Loma Linda University Medical Center

Aventon Bicycles, an Ontario, California-based E-bike manufacturer and retailer recently donated thousands of surgical masks and N95 masks to Loma Linda University Medical Center, and two E-Bikes to help them with their medical supply deliveries.

Luis Razo, Manager of Operations at Aventon Bicycles, says the community has supported the company, so now it’s time to give back.

It’s a personal mission for Luis Razo – his wife Gracie is an RN at Loma Linda Hospital, on the front lines of this pandemic.

“When we told the hospital about the mask donation, they explained they needed help transporting them and that’s when we decided to donate the two E-bikes as well,” says Razo. “I feel fortunate to work for Aventon Bicycles which cares about its community and supports a cause that is so near and dear to my heart. Aventon donating these E-bikes and masks to Loma Linda Hospital, where my wife works as an RN, reinforces its commitment to people and shows how much they care. In this crisis, everyone must do their part because it’s the right thing to do.”

Kent Broersma, Warehouse Manager of Loma Linda University Health, was thrilled with the mask and E-bike donation. “I’m ecstatic!” he says. “These E-bikes and supplies are a life saver. We need to get supplies to our different hospital campuses, and I don’t know how to do this efficiently. I tried to resurrect an old E-bike we had sitting around, and it was dead. I’m so excited and I can’t thank Aventon enough! E-bikes are a lifesaver for a lot of people during this time.”

E-bikes are powered by a battery you plug into an electrical outlet and attach to the bike to help you pedal. Aventon says customers E-bike to their work place, especially in big cities, because it’s less expensive than a driving a car considering gas, parking and insurance. During the pandemic the company is seeing a spike in sales because people want to exercise and the electric assisted pedaling makes it easier, especially for older bikers who may have physical limitations.

Aventon also donated 2500 surgical masks and 500 N95 masks to Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center.


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