Beginning August 4th San Bernardino residents can fly roundtrip to San Francisco for around $100

Photo Manny Sandoval: Director of Aviation Mark Gibbs (3rd from left) meeting with the Highland Area Chamber of Commerce to discuss how traveling from SBD Airport will soon be a "breeze."

International Airport (SFO) will be feasible beginning August 4, 2022.

Breeze Airways is the first airline to announce non-stop flight service, marking the first ever passenger flights for the airport; which will provide easy flight connections, with nonstop service to 150 cities across North America from SFO.

“I applaud Breeze Airways CEO David Neeleman and his team for their investments and confidence in SBD International Airport. We’re making final preparations to our terminal and roadway system that’ll make travel through the airport easy and convenient,” said Director of Aviation Mark Gibbs.

While it’s uncertain if other destinations will be added to the flight schedule in the future, it was shared that the demand for travel from San Bernardino to the Bay Area was prevalent; and will soon eliminate residents’ need to fight through traffic traveling to Ontario International Airport and Los Angeles International Airport for SFO flights.

“Breeze Airways really pays attention to its passengers and provides excellent customer service. The flights are very well priced and range from around $88 one way, but I’ve actually seen many dates priced as low as $49 one way,” said Director of Aviation Mark Gibbs.

While the airport is bringing an additional 4,000 jobs to the City of San Bernardino, it’s also said to be bringing $5 parking.

“I know many people used to paying huge daily parking fees at airports, but I’m happy to share that we’ll be providing all forthcoming passengers with conveniently located parking for just $5 a day,” continued Gibbs.

The airline will embark the flights to SFO on a Embraer E195, with a two-by-two seating configuration, and offer a “nicer” fare which includes extra legroom, priority boarding and a free drink and snack for $20-$40 more per flight.

“Residents and businesses throughout the Inland Empire need more choice in air travel that’s closer to home. Breeze Airways’ modern aircraft, customer friendly employees, and low air fares offered through our convenient and accessible airport, will help redefine air travel options for the city,” concluded Gibbs. For more information, visit