Bloomington to see ongoing public safety, recreation, and road services

Courtesy photo Josie Gonzales: Former San Bernardino County Fifth District Supervisor Josie Gonzales reads with children during the Bloomington Branch Library grand opening.
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Bloomington will soon reap significant public safety, recreation, infrastructure, and anti-blight benefits from a nine-year, $8.9 million investment strategy developed by recently retired Supervisor Josie Gonzales and a team of County Government departments.

“One of the many goals I had for my time as Fifth District supervisor was to bring long-needed amenities and other improvements to Bloomington,” said Josie Gonzales, who served as Fifth District supervisor until her retirement today after 16 years in office. “It pleases me greatly to see additional steps taken toward bettering the lives of the people who call this wonderful community their home.”

The Bloomington Investment Program, which goes into effect on July 1 at the start of the 2021-22 fiscal year, will include:

–Dedicated Sheriff Patrol assigned exclusively to Bloomington, seven days a week.

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–Dedicated Code Enforcement services, including legal support and after-hours and weekend service as needed.

–Recreational services, including enhanced programming and upgrades at the Ayala Park Community Center, and expanding the front-desk position to full-time service.

–Public Works projects, including the resealing of roads, additional asphalt berms, paved shoulders for drainage improvements, infill sidewalks, and resources to address hazmat spills, illegal dumping, and expanded street sweeping of debris after storms.

Annual funding for the program will start at $830,000 for the first year and gradually increase each year to almost $1.2 million for fiscal year 2029-30. Additional funding will be set aside to cover inflation and special one-time programs or projects.

The ultimate goal is to create a Community Facilities District that will provide ongoing dedicated funding to provide these services beyond the life of the investment program.

The funding will come from community benefit agreements with proposed industrial developments and an agreement stemming from the West Valley Logistics development in Fontana. Revenue from the West Valley Logistics agreement commences in May 2021.

The Bloomington Investment Program is the latest effort by Supervisor Gonzales and the County to provide the caliber of services usually found only within incorporated cities to unincorporated Bloomington.

In 2012, Gonzales and the County initiated an endeavor to focus investment in Bloomington. The County team included the County Administrative Office, Community Development and Housing Department, Special Districts Division, County Counsel, Public Works, County Library, Real Estate Services Department, Economic Development Department, and the Land Use Services Department.

The effort led to the Valley Boulevard Corridor Specific Plan, which fostered traffic improvements, sewer and water projects, a new and larger library, and a mixed generational affordable housing complex – Bloomington Grove and Lilian Court.

The teamwork between Gonzales and the County team also led to a comprehensive and proactive effort to eliminate illegal trucking operations within Bloomington, as well as the relocation of Ayala Park.

“It makes me happy to know that Bloomington is a better place than it was when I took office 16 years ago, and that it has a brighter future,” Gonzales said. “This is an ongoing team effort, and I give thanks to the County employees and departments who have helped.”

“But the greatest thanks go to the people of Bloomington, who patiently provided input and supported this work,” Gonzales said.

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