CITY TALK recognizes Karla’s Flowers on 6 year anniversary

Photo Dr. G: Pictured from left Amanda Tucios; Dr. G, Council Member; Karla Ramirez, owner; Gladys Olarte; Adriana Rojas.

On Tuesday, Oct 5, Karla’s Flowers celebrated 6 years of business success in the City of Colton. This family establishment is owned by Karla Ramirez and is truly one of our amazing success stories.

In 2015, Karla decided to invest every penny she had to pursue her dream of owning a flower shop. Previously, she was a waitress for 9 years at a local Colton restaurant, and during that time, she got to know many of the customers, some even becoming her regular clients. Karla just loved flowers, and from time to time her customers and co-workers would bring her flowers on special holidays, or celebrate her birthday.

Her home was always full of flowers, and with that, she developed a unique taste for color combinations and simple flower arrangements. Soon, the time came when her family members, co-workers, and customers alike, encouraged her to think about opening a flower shop, and soon, that’s what she did. However, there was one problem, she didn’t know anything about the flower business, nor about custom-made flower arrangements.

By saving her money from her waitress job, she put herself into a Floral Design school in Anaheim, and through sweat, determination, and lots of commuting, she completed the course in two weeks. Time was of the essence – her savings were dwindling, her business was about to open, and she had a family to care for. Her only hope was prayer, prayer, and more prayer. Amen to that!

On October 5, 2015, Karla opened her flower shop on 7th Street, all with little fanfare – no customers, no orders, no employees, and no means to pay her bills. When Dr. G walked into the shop the first time, there must have been only 3-4 arrangements in the refrigerator display, a few greeting cards, and a couple of buckets of flowers in the showroom.

Today, six years later, Karla has many regular customers and dozens of arrangements on display in the refrigerator. In addition, the showroom is full of cards, displays, stuffed animals, balloons, chocolates, holiday decorations, and more flowers. Karla even delivers and employs five people – her sisters Jessenia, Angie, and Gladys, and two of her friends, Amanda and Adriana.

Her family has also been very supportive, including her husband Rodrigo, and two children Luna and Briana. Karla reflects, “I love Colton. It’s like a family and everyone is close.” Karla Ramirez is to be congratulated for her six years of business success and continued participation in the community. Located at 320 No. 7th Street, the shop is open M-F 9:00 am – 6:00 pm, and on Saturdays, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.