City of San Bernardino unofficial election results are in, Helen Tran takes the lead in mayoral race

Mayor John Valdivia, Henry Nickel, Dr. Treasure Ortiz, Helen Tran and James F. Penman at the San Bernardino Mayoral Forum on April 11th.

The City of San Bernardino had a big night on June 7th during the California midterms, where elections were held for the mayoral seat and council seats in wards one, two, and four. 

While the votes are still counted, it’s evident that the City had a meager voter turnout, as out of the 216,000 citywide population, total votes sit at a staggering 9,431 as of Thursday, June 9th. 

With the votes tallied thus far, Mayoral Candidate and Businesswoman Helen Tran is in the lead, with 40.88 percent of the votes. In comparison, Candidate James F. Penman has garnered 20.80 percent of the votes, and Incumbent Mayor John Valdivia has a tally of 18.18 percent. 

“Thank you. I’m overjoyed by the support I received during my campaign to be Mayor of San Bernardino. With 40.88 percent of the total votes cast today, the June 7th primary election was an amazing victory for our City; however, our work is not done,” said Tran. 

While Tran appears to be in the lead by over 20 percent, since she did not receive 50 percent plus one of the total votes, the top two candidates from the midterms will move on to the general election in November. 

“San Bernardino has always had a low voter turnout, and we must change that. I want to thank all of the other candidates for being brave to step into the arena to run for office. Thank you to all those who voted; now, let’s transform our beloved City together,” said Tran. 

Should the final results hold close to current numbers, Tran and Penman would face each other in a runoff in November. 

As for City Council Ward 1, Incumbent Theodore Sanchez has accumulated 55.47 percent, while Gil J. Botello has garnered 44.53 percent of the votes.

In city council ward 2, the race is incredibly close between Terry Elliot and Sandra Ibarra. Elliott has garnered 49.31 percent of the votes, totaling 428 votes. Ibarra has accumulated 49.65 percent of the votes, totaling 431 votes. 

Finally, as for city council ward 4, Incumbent Fred Shorett has garnered over 55 percent of the total votes, likely securing his seat on the city council. 

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