Colton City Council recognizes Teacher Appreciation Week with proclamation

Pictured from left: Jennie Blinkinsop, teacher; John Abbott, Principal CHS; Eva Heras, teacher; Dr G, Council Member; Miriam Borja, teacher; Israel Fuentes, CJUSD Board Member; Kenneth Tabor, teacher; and Dan Flores, CJUSD Board Member.

At the June 7 Council meeting, the Colton City Council recognized teachers who live or work in the City of Colton. Following the observance of National Teachers Month. Councilman Dr. G (Dr. Luis S González) presented to the City Council four educators representing different class levels, who were in attendance at the ceremonial event. The individual recipients of this recognition for 2022 were Jennie Blinkinsop, fourth grade teacher, 26 years; Eva Heras, first grade teacher, 20 years; Miriam Borja, sixth grade teacher, 15 years; and Kenneth Tabor, band/choir teacher at Colton High School, 1 year.

The presentation was planned for the June Council Meeting, just after the completion of the academic school year. “This was great timing,” smiled Kenneth Tabor, who just completed his first year of teaching.

Teachers, families, and special guests, including Colton Joint Unified School District (CJUSD) administrators were in attendance while Dr. G read the teachers’ names. He also explained that this annual recognition began in 2016, and formally recognizes the value and importance of teachers in the City of Colton.

During the presentation, Dr. G commented “Colton Teacher Appreciation Day is an important occasion for all of us.” He said, “They learn the Pledge of Allegiance, the U.S. Constitution, how to be responsible American citizens, and how to vote.”

With this formal presentation, the City Council recognized the commitment the teachers make in educating our Colton students. Teachers also make a positive contribution to the lives of their students, and leave a lasting impression. Each and every day, through dedication and hard work, teachers provide the inspiration to help our students succeed.

Teachers are recognized for their efforts and are to be congratulated on their success in educating our youth, as well as preparing them to be responsible and productive citizens in the Colton community.

Members of the Colton Joint Unified School District who were in attendance were CJUSD Board members Dan Flores and Israel Fuentes, and Colton High School Principal John Abbott.