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City Talk Award presented to Olivares Family

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Moises Meneses, José A Olivares, Francisca Olivares (mom), Filberto Olivares, Reyna Olivares, Facundo Olivares (dad), Lucio Olivares, Pino Espudo, volunteer; Eloy Sanchez, Coordinator, Dr. G, Council Member; Jaime Olivares. Not pictured: Jose Olivares.

On Thursday, December 15, 2022  Council Member Dr. G (Dr. Luis S González) presented the CITY TALK “Community Impact Award” to the Olivares family, owner of SandRail Fabricators, located at 293 W Olive Street, in Colton. This presentation was made in recognition of the contribution made by Jose Olivares and his family to the Immaculate Conception Church Dinner Hour ministry. Along with Dr G were Eloy Sanchez, Coordinator of the program, and Pino Espudo, one of the program volunteers.

For over 30 years, Eloy Sanchez, director of the Dinner Hour Ministry and Food distribution, has been leading a team of volunteers every week who coordinate together in order to serve those who need help with getting food and providing for their families.  On December 22, the program will be expanding that effort by hosting a Christmas “Toy Give-a-Way” for families with children who may need a little “boost” of Christmas Spirit due to financial hardship or unforeseen circumstances. “The door is always open,” explains Eloy who expects several hundred children to attend this event.

For the presentation, The Olivares family was recognized as one of the contributors to the Toy Drive effort. Over the past month, several local business owners, community leaders, and individual contributors, came forward about the toy drive and responded with much-needed  donations, which were used to purchase hundreds of toys to be given out to children at the Christmas Toy Give-a-Way. Jose Olivares and his family donated $500 on behalf of SandRail Fabricators, Inc. 

With their donation, “SandRail became an official sponsor of this event,” says Eloy Sanchez. Along with this designation, the Olivares family is also recognized by Dr. G as a valuable community partner in receiving the CITY TALK “Community Impact Award.” The purpose of this presentation was to officially recognize their support, not only to the Immaculate Church, but to the community.

According to Coordinator Eloy Sanchez, The Olivares family and SandRail Fabricators, Inc. has joined with several additional community partners in sponsoring and supporting this event, including;  Assemblywoman Eloise Reyes-Gomez, Bruno Gutierrez, Lawrence from Copart, Francisco Carreon and Three Brothers Transportation, Lennie LaRocco and Chuck Sirooian and Ecology Auto Parts, Chris Nichols and Chino Valley Ranchers, Dr. G, Council Member and Community Advocate; Devil Gill and Sombrero Market, Dr. Samuel A and Barbara Bouvelard, Ines Luccero and Casa de Flores, Tony Morales, Ken and Belinda Koperski, Jeff and Janet Tonley, Daisy Campos, Marco Ortega, Larry and Linda Phillipi, and several parishioners from Immaculate Church.

For fourteen years, SandRail Fabricators, Inc. has led the custom built ATV industry, and has been a thriving corporate business in the City of Colton, bringing valuable business to Colton through sales, repairs, detailing, and custom built orders for ATV enthusiastic throughout the region. Customers go online, or contact SandRail directly to get the best deals and the best quality of workmanship. José Olivares and his brothers are always available discuss custom projects and to provide high quality customer service. No matter the size of the order, SandRail Fabricators is certainly well-known in the region and their customers from throughout Southern California look to Jose Olivares and his family to design and fabricate just the right ATV for their off-roading needs. “Providing great service and high craftsmanship on every vehicle is what we strive for,” says José Olivares, who added, “Our many years of successful business speaks for itself.”

SandRail Fabricators, José Olivares, his brothers, and their parents, Facundo and Francisca Olivares, who were the original founders of SandRail, are to be congratulated not only for their business success, but for their contribution to the community and generous donation to the Dinner Hour Toy Drive. “On behalf of the Dinner Hour ministry, we truly appreciate their efforts, and their support,” says Eloy Sanchez.

The CITY TALK “Community Impact Award” was established in 2020 by Dr. G to recognize the great efforts that people make “behind the scenes” to make our community, the City of Colton, a better place.  The Olivares family is a great choice for this recognition. Their effort in supporting the community is exactly what this award is about. Dr G is a Council Member and well-known community advocate.

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