Colton Chamber forges connection through annual golf fundraiser to business owners, community

Photo Javier Rony: Colton Chamber of Commerce is hosting its Annual Golf Tournament on Friday, September 20th at Morongo Golf Club at Tukwet Canyon.
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Colton Chamber of Commerce has been working endlessly to revitalize its Annual Golf Tournament to raise funds for business owners in Colton and surrounding communities.

The chamber has found a way to forge a partnership with business owners to make a positive economic impact for the community through its fundraising efforts to provide essential tools and vital resources through workshops for its members.

“There’s lots of exciting new things happening at this year’s Annual Golf Tournament, such as having the opportunity to drop a golf ball out of a flying helicopter and try to land it in a hole for a prize,” said Jackie Mitchell, Colton Chamber of Commerce board member.

Another new addition to this year’s golf tournament is its location.

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“This year’s tournament is being held on Friday, September 20th at Morongo Golf Club at Tukwet Canyon, at 8 a.m.,” continued Mitchell.

For the past number of years, the chamber held its annual tournament at the San Bernardino Golf Club on Waterman Avenue, but due to its closure in July 2018, they were forced to find another location to host the event.

“The chamber’s board members were strategizing ways to raise the most funds for the chamber and our business owners, and we found that hosting the Annual Golf Tournament at Tukwet Canyon would maximize our efforts,” Mitchell said.

The tournament is the organization’s single most important fundraiser of the year because it provides workshops, for not just business owners, but the community as a whole; workshops include tax consulting, business strategizing, local city politician guest speakers and much more.

“We look forward to meeting all of our new participants this year. Please call (909)-264-4834 for more information,” concluded Mitchell.

The chamber is offering early bird pricing on platinum and gold sponsorships through August 21. Visit, to keep up with all of its events.

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