Colton High School announces Friday night football fairs and garners new inflatable tunnel

Colton High School’s Girls Soccer Team walking out of its old inflatable tunnel in February 2022.

At last week’s council meeting, Colton Joint Unified School District Board Member Dan Flores and Colton High School Principal John Abbott thanked the community for Colton high’s new inflatable tunnel before announcing a desire for Friday night fairs during football season.

Flores opened the presentation by saying, “Colton is about family; Colton is about community.”

He then followed up his statement by highlighting the relationship between the district and its community.

 “Colton High School, Colton Middle School and all of our elementary schools have had a wonderful relationship with their neighborhoods and community,” said Flores. 

“And whenever we needed help, a call would go out, and citizens, businesses, and community members would step up and answer that call,” he added.

Flores then explained the Colton high students’ request for a school-owned inflatable tunnel, but there wasn’t enough room in the budget to make it happen.

 “At the time, it wasn’t in the budget, and it’s not something we can afford through the district or the school itself,” said Flores. 

With the school and district unable to provide the funding for the tunnel, parents, businesses, and the community came together to raise enough money for the school to purchase one.

Flores commended the parents and community for coming together to purchase the tunnel, which will help students show their school spirit and serve as a symbol.

“It’s a symbol of spirit, pride and fun,” Flores said. 

He also individually acknowledged the many community members and businesses that helped raise funds for the tunnel, and among them was City of Colton Mayor Frank Navarro. 

“You are a leader in the community not just in front of the camera but behind the scenes as well,” Flores said. 

He also thanked the Colton police and fire departments for their continued support.

“Our first responders in this community are second to none,” Flores said. 

Flores closed his portion of the presentation by saying, “On behalf of the board of education, our high school principal, and all the students and staff, I want to thank you for the continual support of the Colton school district and our schools.”

Colton High School Principal, John Abbott, followed Flores with an announcement.

“I’m gonna give a little shameless plug here; we’re looking at bringing Friday Night Fairs to the City of Colton at Colton High school, with football season this year,” said Abbott. 

Abbott followed up by expressing the need for community support to help reach his goal of bringing back a hometown family feel to Friday nights.

 Mayor Frank Navarro followed Abbott and closed the presentation by sharing his thoughts on the community’s continued support. 

“It’s warming to see how people react when the call goes out for assistance from our schools.”