Pat Martinez presented CITY TALK Award for community work

Lifelong Colton resident Pat Martinez, pictured with Colton Councilman and community advocate Dr. G, was honored for volunteerism and 29 years with the Colton Post Office.

On Thursday, June 16, Council Member Dr. G (Dr. Luis S González) presented the CITY TALK “Community Impact Award” to community volunteer, Pat Martinez, life-long resident of Colton, retired employee of the United States Post Office, and well-known G-Team Member.

The purpose of this award was not only to recognize her 29-year employment with the Colton USPO, but specifically recognizing her one-year anniversary of volunteer service to the community for her clean-up work with Dr. G and the G-Team.

A graduate of Colton High School in 1973, Pat was an active student involved in class council, GAA sports, field hockey, volleyball, and was chosen as Cinco de Mayo Queen. Her service to the United States Post Office included being a CFS Clerk, a mail carrier, and regular facility clerk.

Pat has two children, Robert of Riverside, and Angel of Colton, and three grandchildren, ages 21, 15 and 11. Being that she is born and raised in Colton, Pat knows the City of Colton very well and continues to speak of pride in her city because it has always been her home.

“I was born here, went to school here, and raised my children here,” exclaimed Pat as she was finishing up her clean-up duty. When asked about her clean-up service on the G-Team, Pat explains that “It gives me a sense of community,” and added, ”it makes me feel good to serve my home.”

The CITY TALK “Community Impact Award” was established in 2020 to recognize the great efforts that people make “behind the scenes” to make our community, the City of Colton, a better place. “I believe Pat Martinez is an excellent choice for this recognition, and truly represents the very best, in terms of meeting the intent of this award,” explains Dr. G, a City Council Member and well-known community advocate. Congratulations to Pat Martinez on the “Community Impact Award.”

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