December 2, 2023


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Colton’s Assistant City Manager Dr. David Kolk announces retirement

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Courtesy photo: During comment, all Colton city council members congratulated Dr. Kolk on his retirement and thanked him for administrating the city’s utility program.

On May 19, via a zoom city council meeting, Colton’s Assistant City Manager Dr. David Kolk announced his retirement after eight years of service.

“Dr. David Kolk has chosen May 29, 2020 as his date of retirement. During his tenure with Colton Dr. Folk has used his extensive expertise to position Colton’s vital electric utility for future stability and has accepted numerous new challenges. Some of those new challenges include assuming responsibility of many city divisions and most recently taking on the challenge of accepting a role of assistant city manager,” said Mayor Frank Navarro.

Prior to serving in the assistant city manager capacity earlier this year, Kolk served a majority of his eight years enhancing the city’s public works utility department.

“He has earned the trust and respect of staff, the Colton business community, city council, the utilities commission and the community as a whole. Today, we recognize Dr. David Kolk for his years of distinguished and professional services rendered to this community,” Navarro said.

As Kolk was given the cue to speak, other council members began to smile and grin as they understand public spotlight is not necessarily his favorite position to be in.

“Thank you Mayor and council, its been fun and thank you all for the time,” said Kolk.

City Manager Bill Smith jokingly shared that he wishes the city staff and council could have had the opportunity to host a retirement gathering because he knows that what Kolk would have truly wanted.

“It will be a challenge to find a better example of someone who has had more impact to the city in such a short time. Dave has positioned the electric utility for years of future success and it will translate to the future success of the city as a whole. I have appreciated Dave’s leadership and friendship during our tenure together,” said city Manager Bill Smith.


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