Cooley Drive receives green light on landscape rehabilitation

Photo City of Colton:    The Cooley Drive Landscape Rehabilitation Project will run along Mt. Vernon Avenue and Washington Street in Colton.
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On Tuesday, September 17, in a 6-0 vote, Colton City Council approved the Cooley Drive Landscape Rehabilitation Project. At the meeting, Jessica Sutorus, City of Colton Electric Utility Environmental Conservation Supervisor, presented two landscape rehabilitation options to the council.

“The project itself is 177,800 square feet and it’s for the modernization of the irrigation system and installation of plants, trees, shrubs and rock; and the construction of two monument signs,” said Sutorus.

Sutorus noted that the cost for the project is roughly $24 per square foot.

“This project begins at Mt. Vernon and goes all the way to Washington, it’s quite a large project,” continued Sutorus.

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“Option A…we’d able to finish both entryway monument signs coming in from Mt. Vernon and Washington and landscape the area right in front of Summit Career College and Ashlee Furniture. Option B’s estimated budget is 1.2 million, but only the entryway of both sections would get completed. Based on this budget, staff is recommending option A,” Sutorus said.

At the meeting Councilmember Isaac Suchil asked, “On Option A, what type of ground cover are we going to look at for the project?”

“The ground cover will be a mix of decomposed granite, rock, low planting, it’ll be a mix. It will be similar to the rehabilitation that we have on La Cadena Drive and Valley Boulevard,” continued Sutorus.

The council will be presented with this item again in 30-60 days, once the project receives its two bids.

“Once the Cooley Drive Landscape Rehabilitation Project is started…it’ll be completed in six to nine months,” concluded Sutorus.

“Council is providing direction to have city staff to bring back option A prepared for RFE and let move this project forward and collect bids,” said Mayor Frank Navarro.

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