June 23, 2024


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Cracker Barrel scheduled to open mid-May, currently accepting applications

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IECN courtesy photo:   The Cracker Barrel restaurant is decked with decor from the region - the fireworks sign is relevant to Rialto because it is home to one of the world’s largest fireworks distributors, Pyro Spectaculars, founded in 1979.

By IECN Staff

Cracker Barrel is gearing up to open its 4th store in California at the Rialto Renaissance Marketplace in mid-May. The restaurant anticipates to hire for 175 full- and part-time positions, all of which can be applied for at CrackerBarrel.com/careers.

One of the most distinguishable aspects of Cracker Barrel is the authentic Americana décor that is carefully planned to reflect each community’s history and heritage. These pieces are all genuine artifacts pulled from its Décor Warehouse, which houses over 90,000 pieces of décor – no replicas – located at its HQ in Tennessee.

The Cracker Barrel Décor Team researched Rialto, selected the pieces, and mocked them up on faux store walls at the Décor Warehouse. Following this, the Décor Team traveled to Rialto to install them in the new store.

Pieces that reflect the California lifestyle include
• Cans of Mission Orange drink which was originally produced by California Crushed Fruit Corporation in Los Angeles dating back to 1929. By the late 1930s, the company became known as The Mission Beverage Company that is still around today.
• A fireworks sign because Rialto is home to one of the world’s largest fireworks distributors, Pyro Spectaculars, which was founded in 1979.
• A section of the store is dedicated to California’s history in gold mining, which dates back to the mid-1800s. This section includes gold mining tools, including a sifter and pick.
• A Southern Pacific Railway sign hangs in the store, as Rialto was a stop along the railway. In 1914, the San Bernardino Line was completed through Rialto. At the time, the junction was at Riverside Avenue for the Riverside Line.
• With the store’s close proximity to Los Angeles, there is a motion picture wall which includes antique cameras, microphones and photos.
• Throughout the store, you can find vintage portraits that celebrate diversity and the Hispanic influence in the area.
• Other walls within the store showcase America’s heritage, including:
– A cooking wall with California ads, rolling pins and cast-iron skillets
– A sports wall with antique equipment, bats, helmets and ads


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