May 27, 2024


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Dr. G announces candidacy for city council 2022

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On Saturday, May 1, Council Member Dr. G (Dr. Luis S González) made a formal announcement of his candidacy to run for Colton City Council 2022. A group of family and friends joined Dr. G at the Neighborhood Market, not only for his announcement but to enjoy coffee and attend the first “re-start” of the CITY TALK neighborhood meetings.

“The county has been slowly opening up, and there are a lot of activities starting up again, with limitations of course,” says Dr. G, adding, “We respected all distancing, capacity, and facemask requirements at the meeting last Saturday.”

Given the fact that our city and county are slowly opening up, and the fact that the next election will be unique, Dr. G decided to get an early start in order to make sure the communication is flowing.

“That’s a priority for me,” explains Dr. G. The unique election aforementioned, is that in 2022, our City will change to four council districts, and as such, the full City Council will have five members, including four council members and the Mayor. “We have lots of work to do to make this a smooth transition,” as Dr. G thoughtfully explains.

The live in-person CITY TALK was most welcomed according to several residents who attended. Since 2012, Dr. G has held these neighborhood meetings each month in various locations in order to give out good information, lead discussions, and announce events. “We had to suspend the meetings for about a year, “says Dr. G, but continued to elaborate, “Other opportunities have presented themselves, and in doing so, community engagement has been excellent!”

Those who know Dr. G, know that he has always been out and about quite a bit. He works hard for the residents and continues to engage in many community activities. Just talk with him…he’ll listen. For now, “getting this CITY TALK off the ground was a big step,” smiles Dr. G, and announcing his candidacy was a good fit for this time. Good luck to Dr. G on his candidacy for Colton City Council.

For more information about CITY TALK, various community groups, trash clean-up, or online live-stream programs, contact Dr. G @ 909-213-3730. Questions and comments are always welcome.


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