Dr. John Milor High School earns “Model” Continuation School Honor


Rialto Unified School District is excited to announce that one of its 29 schools, Dr. John H. Milor High School, located at 266 West Randall Avenue in Rialto, received official notification from the California Department of Education (CDE) of its bestowment of Model Continuation High School distinction.

According to Andres Luna II, Principal of Milor High School, staff worked tirelessly to cultivate a new, positive focus for the school. Tremendous work was put into discarding antiquated practices and redesigning a more student-focused curriculum and culture, therefore, this achievement and success is a direct result of the dedicated, creative, and talented school staff and its community of learners.

Principal Luna said, “As famously quoted by former President John F. Kennedy, ‘Efforts and Courage are not enough without purpose and direction.’ Purpose and direction, as outlined in our site’s Strategic Plan, were two key components that were infused in our system of student support as seen in the aligned curriculum, instructional practices, guidance, and counseling.”

Officials from the Model Continuation High Schools Recognition Program, from the CDE, are selected based on a comprehensive and competitive application process that involves effectiveness, assessments, and use of data. The process included a peer review panel and on-site visit.

The few selected schools, such as Milor High School, are noted in the State as schools that provide exemplary programs to at-risk youth through the use of innovative instructional strategies, flexible scheduling, guidance and counseling services.

Dr. Cuauhtémoc Avila, RUSD Superintendent, said, “Although this State award is bestowed on the school, remember that a school is comprised of eager students teachers, counselors, support staff, parents and the administrative team. On behalf of the RUSD Board of Education, our District couldn’t be more proud of the majestic Milor Mustangs for bringing to life our District motto: Bridging Futures Through Innovation.”

Tony Thurmond, State Superintendent of Public Instruction stated, “A culture of caring that focuses on the emotional and education needs of the unique populations they serve, are what make these continuation high schools the best examples of how to help kids strive and reach their full potential.”

Milor High School opened its doors in 1981. The continuation school is the namesake of a former Rialto school teacher turned first Superintendent of the Rialto Unified School District (serving from 1946-1966).

Staff members from Milor High School will be honored at a future RUSD Board of Education school board meeting for its State Model Continuation High School distinction.