Hilton Garden Inn San Bernardino Hotel announces blood drive


Showcasing its commitment to the San Bernardino community, Hilton Garden Inn San Bernardino announced today it would be hosting a Blood Drive with LifeStream Blood Bank. The Blood Drive will be located at 1755 S. Waterman Avenue; Appointments are required to maintain social distancing. Please make your appointment by going to: https://giftoflife.lstream.org/donor/schedules/drive_schedule/91409

“This is our third time participating with LifeStream and we are so excited to partner with such a wonderful organization,” stated Shari Hurley, general manager. “We partnered with LifeStream to show that our Hilton Garden Inn Brighthearted Hospitality exists outside of our hotel. There is a shortage of blood donations, especially O positive and O negative; we are hoping the Blood Drive will help fill the hospital shelves with much needed blood.”