Dealing with kidney dialysis treatment through laughter

Courtesy photo: Comedian Sean Williams of Moreno Valley undergoes dialysis treatment three days a week for four hours per session; he mitigates the stress by doing standup comedy.

As of 2014, over 400,000 people in the United States were on kidney dialysis due to acute kidney disease. Although the average age of patients on dialysis is 65, kidney failure can affect people of all ages and does not discriminate.

Sean Williams, 53 years old and a resident of Moreno Valley, is one of those dialysis patients who must undertake treatment for kidney disease on the average of three days a week for four hours each session.

Sean admits that the treatments take a lot of energy from him, but he says he deals with the lack of energy and the overall stress by doing standup comedy.

In fact Sean Williams is one of the hardest working comics in Southern California. Beginning a decade ago, Sean started doing comedy and has since performed at most of the top comedy clubs in Southern California as well as around the country. He has even performed at Pechanga Resort Casino in Temecula.

Sean is a sought after comic who brings his own brand of humor to the stage springing from his background as a self described “Air Force brat” whose father spent 30 years in the Air Force. Sean was born in Ankara, Turkey.

Sean is also not the only standup comedian dealing with kidney disease. George Lopez and Kevin Hart deal with kidney disease as well as actress Halle Berry.

When asked about his philosophy on life and comedy, Sean believes that one should focus on things in life you can control. Everything else you should just let fall by the wayside.

Although statistics show that over 40,000 Americans die annually from kidney disease there are ways you can fight it and live your life.

Please watch out for symptoms such as decreased urine output, the swelling of legs due to fluid retention, shortness of breath and fatigue.

If you want more information on kidney disease visit and other websites which will tell you more about how you can be successful in your fight against kidney disease.