Inland Empire Wellness Coach Evan Roberts predicts future U.S. life expectancy into the 100’s and shares three tips to improve quality of life 

Evan Roberts and Ashley Alvarez practicing acroyoga before teaching it to the community and clients.

Inland Empire Health and Wellness Coach Evan Roberts believes living well into the 100s will be possible for a majority of society by starting health and wellness regimens at an early age. 

Roberts, who was born in Redlands, says he had lots of gut issues in high school, which prompted his passion for the space of health and wellness. 

“In my sophomore year of high school, I dealt with many gut issues like irritable bowel syndrome; I was lactose intolerant and even had a tapeworm. My doctor said these were issues I would have to navigate through with medication for the rest of my life. Then, of all people, one day, my Spanish teacher gave me some books about how chemicals and pesticides in our food can cause gut issues,” said Roberts. 

The Elemental Evan Podcast features free half-hour segments on topics ranging from how to cleanse a liver, sound healing, improving the health of skin, how to beat seasonal allergies, diet, and of course acroyoga.

He said he went home, read the books, got rid of his junk food, and started fasting, which eliminated much of his gut issues in two weeks and inspired him to help others. 

Some of Roberts’s training includes a Universal Teaching Certificate, which he garnered in Thailand after 300 hours of breathwork and meditation, along with an Institute of Integrative Nutrition Certificate for health coaching. 

One of Roberts’s goals as a certified health and wellness coach is to help people live a long life and a life where the client lives the entire time healthily. 

“Three simple health and wellness tips I recommend everyone apply to their life to improve the quality of life are getting excellent sleep, cutting out as much sugar as possible, and applying movement to your body every day,” continued Roberts. 

“Prioritize sleep as much as you can. We should be getting 7-8 hours of sleep per night as it’s when the body cleans itself out and repairs itself from the day. Everything in the body is benefitting, our organs are repaired, and our brain washes off plaque called amyloid plaque while sleeping,” said Roberts. 

He also said cutting back on sugar as much as possible is imperative to the body. Sugar leads to many diseases; it feeds cancer cells, causes insulin sensitivity, and even brain fog. 

“I also recommend getting a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise per day, whether spent walking, lifting weights, playing a sport etc. Everyday movement is great for our cognitive function; it keeps our brain healthy and improves our mood,” said Roberts. 

Aside from his in-person Elemental Health + Wellness Coaching program, Roberts recently implemented a virtual option for the program, allowing him to meet people where they feel most comfortable. 

“I love in-person coaching, but when the COVID-19 Pandemic hit, it was imperative to create a virtual coaching program as some people were not comfortable meeting in person, and others just didn’t have the time to drive to and from the appointment. This virtual program allows me to meet people wherever they’re and even reach a wider audience across the Inland Empire, Southern California, and the country,” Roberts said. 

With the virtual coaching program, Roberts said a client would receive a one-hour bi-weekly coaching call, a weekly check-in form for the client, and he’ll respond with video recorded feedback, templates based on health goals, articles and podcasts, communication via text, breathwork modules, and access to his 7 Day Elemental Reset. 

“My mission is to get people back to their original state of health. We already know people can live to 120 years old; it’s an established age, even in the world’s blue zones, which one blue zone is right in our backyard, Loma Linda. Taking health seriously at a young age will set the foundation for a predominantly happier and healthier life that will spill over into your work and relationships,” concluded Robert. 

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