February 26, 2024


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Kelley Elementary School’s Young Leaders Sing in Tribute to Veterans at Rialto School Board Meeting

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Photos by Manny Sandoval: Kelley Elementary School’s Young Leaders performing Heroes Song to a packed RUSD board meeting on November 15, 2023.

In a heartfelt tribute to U.S. veterans, student leaders from Kelley Elementary School delivered a stirring performance at the Rialto Unified School District Board Meeting last month. The event, which took place the week after Veterans Day, saw a packed crowd of attendees who joined the young performers in a rendition of a ‘Heroes Song’ commemorating the sacrifices of military service members.

Despite the pouring rain outside, spirits were high as 2nd and 5th-grade students from Kelley Elementary took center stage. Their performance, marked by enthusiasm and respect, captivated the audience, echoing through the halls of the meeting venue. The lyrics of their song resonated deeply, with lines such as, “I have the peace of knowing that you are there protecting me, keeping our land secure,” highlighting the gratitude felt towards the veterans.

Following the musical presentation, a well-spoken male student stepped up to the dais in a poignant moment. With the support of RUSD Board Member Edgar Montes, he read a message in Spanish, extending gratitude and recognition to U.S. veterans. This bilingual gesture underscored the school’s commitment to inclusivity and respect for diverse backgrounds.

A 5th grade student reading a message at the dais in Spanish thanking all U.S. military veterans.

The performance concluded with smiles from the young participants and the members of the Board of Education. The event not only honored veterans but also highlighted the talents and civic engagement of the students at Kelley Elementary.

This memorable tribute by the school’s student leaders amidst challenging weather conditions is a testament to the community’s reverence for those who have served the nation and the power of youth to bring people together in gratitude and respect.


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