February 27, 2024


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Miguel’s Jr. opens in Rialto’s Renaissance Marketplace

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The rumors of having a Miguel’s Jr. in Rialto started five years ago when In-N-Out Burger opened in the city. Each time someone said Miguel’s Jr. was coming something would happen to derail the project. It wasn’t until the Renaissance Marketplace came along that major retailers and food options like Miguel’s Jr. began to flood into Rialto.

Miguel’s Jr. is one of the last Inland Empire born family businesses that are still run and owned by the original owners and their children, now adults, make up the upper levels of management. We spoke to CEO Javier Vasquez before the restaurant opened and he shared some information you may not know about this iconic Mexican food restaurant chain.

If you like the tortillas that is a good thing because special attention goes into them. Miguel’s Jr. tortillas are hand stretched and made especially for Miguel’s Jr. and they don’t have any of the preservative GUM in them that gives tortillas a more elastic stretch. Miguel’s Jr. also uses the same cheese provider since the beginning. Javier said that the cheese is a sharp cheddar cheese giving it a more distinct flavor. The recipes are his mother’s recipes and the original creators of the restaurant brand can still be seen regularly.

We asked Javier what he liked most at Miguel’s Jr. and he said the BRC (Bean, Rice & Cheese Burrito) and their Taquitos. Javier says this is what he eats every Friday and his favorite just happens to be the favorite of Miguel’s Jr. customers as the Bean, Rice & Cheese Burrito and the Bean and Cheese Burrito are the top sellers company-wide. One reason Javier gives for the popularity of what seems like such a simple item is the fact that their beans are made twice a day in store.

Miguel’s Jr. is celebrating their grand opening on Thursday, May 2 at 3:30 pm. Come out to celebrate the first Rialto location with Mike and Mary Vasquez, founders of Miguel’s Jr., along with CEO Javier Vasquez for a very special ribbon cutting celebration.


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