Over 500 local businesses join Teamster Advantage

Photo Teamster Advantage: Teamster Advantage is a union program full of local businesses, offering discounts, to keep the tax dollars local.

Teamster Advantage, a shop local program, is a network of over 500 locally owned businesses and a part of Teamsters Local 1932, a union of 14,000 members across San Bernardino County.

“Teamster Advantage is a program that began in November 2016 to promote local shopping. When residents shop local, it has been proven that our tax dollars can be better recycled, compared to shopping at bigger chains,” said Mario Vasquez, Teamsters Local 1932 Communications Coordinator.

A great incentive provided by the program includes great discounts from the participating mom and pop businesses.

“If you download the app Teamster Advantage…you will see all of our partners and see all of the businesses around you. We have small mom and pop restaurants, hardware stores, retail, go-carts, and so much more,” continued Vasquez.

The free app acts as a directory and provides information on local business partners, discounts and directions.

“The app has a map feature, we’re everywhere. Our businesses range from the west end and as east to Coachella, to Barstow and Riverside. The program is tailored to the entire Inland Empire,” shared Vasquez.

Moving forward, the organization is aiming to continue putting an end to the flood of taxpayer dollars leaving the inland communities.

“We want communities that are dynamic and self-sustaining. We want to be able to limit the corporate power,” Vasquez said.

“Standing together is crucial. Working people only win when we stand together. When we shop local and understand that we do not have to shop at Amazon or Walmart, we can make sure our communities grow strong,” continued Vasquez.

He also shared that although he is not native to the Inland region, the Teamster Advantage program has assisted him in patronizing businesses and becoming part of a community.

“Small business owners recognize that if they promote this message, together we can beat the Walmarts and Amazons of the world. These local business owners provide quality services to the community…but often times are limited to the power of the big businesses,” concluded Vasquez. For more information or to join Teamster Advantage, visit teamsteradvantage.org.