June 23, 2024


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Rialto City Council discuss allocation of $29 million Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery funds

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City Manager Marcus Fuller also recommended hiring a consultant to determine limitations on Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery funds to responsibly allocate monies across the city.

On September 14, Rialto City Council provided direction to staff on the use and allocation of its $29,373,105 Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery (SLFR) funds.

Areas in which the city is allowed to allocate funds are to support public health expenditures, address negative economic impacts, replace lost public sector revenue, provide premium pay to essential workers and invest in water, sewer, and broadband infrastructure.

“The city can utilize the state and local recovery funds in ways the council decides, which doesn’t necessarily have to fit into these specific boxes, but there are still some limitations. We can also direct these funds towards projects that are important to the community…for facilities, infrastructure, water, sewer and streets, which are allowed under the terms of the American Rescue Plan Act,” said Rialto City Manager Marcus Fuller.

As the discussion item was only to provide direction to staff, council did not make any decisions on where the funds would be allocated across the city.

“I’m making a motion to authorize the city manager to hire a consultant to assist him in this process,” said Mayor Pro Tem Ed Scott.

Councilmember Andy Carrizales made a second to hire a consultant to conduct a workshop and determine the limitations of the SLFR funds.

“I’m really concerned with knowing what’s happening with the people we serve. What is their condition? I’d like for the city manager to have authority to have someone begin to perform an assessment on the status of the people we have helped and determine if we can continue to help them,” said Mayor Deborah Robertson.

Rialto City Council is slated to discuss SLFR funds at a forthcoming council meeting in October. For more information, visit yourrialto.com.


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