Rialto Police Department coordinates interactive Community Ambassador Program for residents

Photo  RPD: Rialto Police Department’s cohort of 25 residents participating in its successful and reimagined Community Ambassador Program is forging engagement and strengthening communication with the community.
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As the Rialto Police Department rolled out its interactive Community Ambassador Program to a cohort of 25 residents on September 7, which is filled to capacity, the department announced plans for another opportunity to participate in early 2022.

The eight-week ambassador program is being held on Wednesdays from 6:30-9:30 p.m., and participants will have the opportunity to interactively engage with a different department each week.

According to the Rialto Police Department, “The Community Ambassador Program gives individuals who live or work in Rialto a chance to be more involved in our community and gain a better understanding of the various services offered by our police department. The program also provides our department with an opportunity to get to know our residents on a personal level, so that we can remain responsive to their needs.”

Throughout the eight-week program, which is followed by a graduation, scenarios and simulation experiences will be held and feature presentations from the department’s community services bureau, patrol and traffic, K-9, special weapons and tactics unit, detectives, crime analysis unit, street crime attack team, records, property and evidence, personal and training, and dispatch.

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“We’re anticipating residents take away a different perspective of Rialto Police Department after this experience and become ambassadors in their neighborhoods. This program is really encompassing two parts, education and opening up a new line of communication with the community,” said Community Services Officer Amanda DeLeon.

Ultimately, this interactive program will place residents in the shoes of officers and give them the chance to engage and truly get to know the department.

“Programs like this help the community understand there’s a different side to us outside of the job. As a department we’re continuously looking at ways to improve our community engagement and programming, so we’re looking forward to working together with residents to accomplish our goals for the city,” continued DeLeon.

The first presenting department of the program is DeLeon’s community service bureau and in the forthcoming weeks when patrol presents, participants can expect to participate in a simulation experience where they are acting as both the officer and community member.

“For anyone interested in participating in the Community Ambassador Program early next year, be sure to follow Rialto Police Department on social media, visit rialtopolice.com, or email cop@rialtopd.com with any questions,” concluded DeLeon. Participation requirements include being over the age of 18, must live or work in Rialto, no prior felony convictions, and no misdemeanor crime within one year of application.

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