San Bernardino business owner Kimmy Wilson quit her job and thrived in entrepreneurship

San Bernardino Native and Cajon High School alum Kimmy Wilson had a baby at age 20, was in a problematic intimate relationship, and working at a job she wasn’t passionate about. Then one day turned her passion into a successful business.

House of Rags is the result of making her clothing around the time she gave birth to her daughter when she couldn’t afford to shop the latest trends or coolest clothing, so she made her own, predominantly jean attire. 

“I naturally inherited the designer talent because my family owned a garment cutting business in LA for over 30 years. I decided to make my clothing because I didn’t have much money. My daughter’s dad was like, wow, you’re talented, and once I left him, I remember wearing an outfit to a party, and this girl wanted to buy my jeans off of me,” said Wilson, House of Rags CEO.

She said the compliments about her designs and encouragement from family and friends motivated her to start a full-fledged clothing line. 

“House of Rags just relaunched last month. I’ve literally had a hand in everything, from attaining the LLC to building the website, designing clothing, packaging, shipping, and marketing and modeling the clothing. Today my line sells everything from jeans to jackets, sweatsuits, purses, boots, bathing suits, and even earrings,” continued Wilson. 

But Wilson didn’t get to this point without struggle, as she worked at Burlington Coat Factory for over ten years before taking a leap of faith by quitting her job and becoming a global director at Total Life Changes, a wellness lifestyle brand. 

“After landing the role with Total Life Changes, I began making in the thousands each week selling wellness and weight-loss products, that my House of Rags brand went to the back burner. But, today, I’m in such a positive and strong relationship, and my boyfriend encouraged me to get back to it full-time. So I reinvested a lot of the money I’ve made with Total Life Changes to expand my brand and operate it full-time,” Wilson said. 

From struggle to success, Wilson is a prime example of how passion, determination, and consistency can land people their wildest dreams. 

“Many people are scared to quit their jobs, just like I was, but once I quit and started to believe in myself, I went even harder for my businesses. Sometimes our jobs hold us back, and we’re scared to let that security go, but it’s important not to lose sight of our dreams or faith in ourselves,” concluded Wilson. 

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