May 28, 2024


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San Bernardino City Unified School Hosts Exciting NFL Draft Party Celebrating Cajon High Alumnus Jayden Daniels

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The crowd at the SBCUSD NFL Draft Party cheers for Jayden Daniels when he is drafted by the Washington Commanders. (Photo by Corina Borsuk and provided courtesy of SBCUSD)

The San Bernardino City Unified School District (SBCUSD) hosted a thrilling NFL Draft Party on April 25 at Cajon High School, where the anticipation was palpable as more than 100 attendees eagerly awaited the selection of 2023 Heisman Trophy winner Jayden Daniels.

Students, staff, alumni and community members gathered at the Cajon High gymnasium to witness the historic moment as Daniels, an LSU standout quarterback, was drafted second in the first round by the Washington Commanders.

The atmosphere was electric as guests enjoyed food, music and camaraderie while awaiting the announcement of Daniels’ NFL destiny. As the draft unfolded, cheers erupted throughout the gymnasium when his name was called by the Commanders, marking a monumental achievement for both him and the San Bernardino community.

“We are incredibly proud of Jayden and all that he has accomplished,” said Superintendent Mauricio Arellano, who like Daniels calls San Bernardino his hometown. “His dedication, talent and leadership have inspired countless students and demonstrated the limitless potential of our SBCUSD graduates.”

Cajon High quarterback Evan Powell, a longtime admirer of Jayden Daniels, attends the NFL Draft Party on April 25. (Photo by Corina Borsuk and provided courtesy of SBCUSD)

The NFL Draft Party was a testament to the strong sense of pride and support within the San Bernardino community, as friends, family and fans came together to celebrate the success of one of their own.

For Cajon High quarterback Evan Powell, 16, whose siblings grew up playing Pop Warner with Daniels, watching his college football career has been surreal.

“It feels great to be here to support someone from my city. Jayden’s from right here in San Bernardino,” Powell said. “That makes me feel like it’s also possible for me.”


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