May 27, 2024


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The Inland Empire 48 Hour Film Project Premiere Screening was a massive success for filmmakers across the region

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Dozens of teams and film lovers posing for a photo outside of the Hollywood Theater at Regal Cinemas in Ontario.

Based on the quality and success of the Inland Empire 48-Hour Film Project Premiere Screening, the IE is a mini-hub for filmmaking – now and in the future. 

The Premiere Screening was held on October 19th at the Regal Edwards Ontario Palace. It featured 24 short films from teams formed across the Inland Empire and even some Los Angeles folks who trekked to the IE to participate. 

The San Bernardino Valley College Institute of Media Arts partnered premiere event drew in over 300 excited theater-goers, making it the biggest turnout for the Inland Empire.

Phase 3 Films (pictured) are successful in securing a hangar and an airplane in their multi-language film Blood Ties.

“We’re dedicated to making this thing bigger and better each year. So it’s exciting to see you here today, supporting our local filmmakers,” said IE 48-Hour Film Project Producer Kevin Lyons. 

The over-encompassing gist of the IE 48 hour Film project is for a team to produce, write, cast, block, shoot, and edit an entire four to seven-minute short film in only 48 hours. 

“There were a few required elements that each film needed to include this year. For example, each film needed a character named Michael or Michaela Ronco, a hotel employee; a cupcake as a prop; and the line “You know what they say” somewhere in the film,” continued Lyons. 

Awards for the films were announced on Monday, October 24th, and audience favorites went to Sweetest Vacation by 2022 Rancho Cucamonga 48 and The Spaces Between by Footlights.

A group of San Bernardino Valley College students called Phase 3 Films accomplished the unthinkable (for such a short period) by securing a hangar and airplane in their short film.

“We were determined to shoot in a hangar and have an airplane as a prop in our film. But unfortunately, we got turned away from a couple of them due to time constraints and certain permits. But luckily, we secured a hangar at an airport in Riverside and made it happen,” said SBVC Student Mariana Lapizco. 

Suppose anyone in the community missed the Premiere Screening and wants to support local filmmakers. In that case, the organization is hosting the Best of the Inland Empire 48 Hour Film Project on November 8th at Harkins Theaters Mountain Grove in Redlands.

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