San Manuel Band of Mission Indians and other Californian Tribes Oppose Prop 27

Along with Inland Empire Community News endorsing a NO vote on Prop 27, dozens of the region’s Californian Tribes, including the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, are also voting NO on this measure. 

A NO vote on this measure means that sports betting would continue to be illegal in California and that no changes would be made to how state gambling laws are enforced. 

“So many people oppose Prop 27 because it’s a bad deal for all of California. Tribes would be particularly negatively impacted. More than two decades ago, Californian tribes fought for the right to be able to offer gaming on Indian reservations. California has agreed and voted to entrust safe, regulated gaming exclusively to California tribes,” said Tribal Chairman of the Cahuilla Band of Mission Indians Daniel Salgado.

In 1988, congress passed The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, and Prop 27 put the act at risk. 

“California has agreed and voted to entrust safe, regulated gaming exclusively to California Tribes. This agreement between California and tribal governments has enabled tribes to become self-sufficient, provide hundreds of thousands of jobs, and produce $1.6 billion to help non-gaming Tribes,” continued Salgado. 

According to the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians Business Committee, Prop 27 could heavily impact the $25 billion Californian Tribes contribute to the local economy, including acres such as jobs, spending, infrastructure and philanthropy. 

“Prop 27 will take away the exclusivity of Tribal gaming. It would break the promise that California voters have made to our tribes and destroy everything we have worked for. This is why nearly all California Tribes, our top elected leaders and key organizations are opposed to Prop 27,” concluded Salgado.

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