Torres secures $2 million for new water infrastructure in Bloomington


Congresswoman Norma J. Torres (CA-35) recently announced $2 million in funding she requested to upgrade Bloomington’s water infrastructure in the FY22 Interior Appropriations bill.

The West Valley Water District will use the funds for their Bloomington Alleyway Pipeline Project. Specifically, the project will provide for:

  • New water pipelines in the aging community;
  • New fire hydrants to address safety concerns;
  • New water meters for local residents; and
  • New connections to existing waterlines within the current street right-of-way and paved area.

Rep. Torres and West Valley Water District President Channing Hawkins released the following statements:

“I’m happy to deliver funds today to ensure the water infrastructure in Bloomington meets resident needs, now and well into the future,” Rep. Norma J. Torres said. “From replacing old pipelines to delivering new fire hydrants, water meters, and waterline connections, I know West Valley Water District will make the most of this investment. I’m proud to partner with WVWD President Hawkins and his dedicated team to help support the Bloomington community, and I look forward to seeing these funds in use.”

“Everyone at West Valley Water District gives their sincerest thanks to Representative Norma Torres and the Appropriations Interior-Environment Subcommittee for their commitment to revitalizing water infrastructure in disadvantaged communities,” West Valley Water District Board President Channing Hawkins said. “This key investment in our community to replace aging, hard to access water pipelines—a key component of advancing environmental justice—will allow us to improve the quality of water and water infrastructure for some of the most vulnerable members of our community while expanding our infrastructure to accommodate the needs of our growing population.”

Rep. Torres regularly leverages her seat on the powerful House Appropriations Committee to deliver federal funding to the Inland Empire.