April 22, 2024


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Trucker’s Summit provided information on environmental regulations, incentive programs to upgrade fleets

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Photo Ricardo Tomboc:  Luis Ojeda San Bernardino businessman, Jessica Torres, CEO of Sergio’s Pallets Manufacturing, San Bernardino Mayor John Valdivia, and Sergio Reveles, CEO of Sergio’s Pallets Manufacturing.

On Thursday, May 13th the North American Pallet Association (NAPA) and the Western Pallet Association partnered with the City of San Bernardino to host a Trucker’s Summit held at Sergio’s Pallets Manufacturing located in San Bernardino. Over 50 key trucking business people from the Inland Empire region were in attendance.

The main message during the summit had to do with the current pollution regulations passed in California which has impacted the entire trucking industry. Taking the lead, Jessica Torres, one of Sergio’s Pallets Manufacturing CEOs and a NAPA boardmember, wanted to do something positive in her industry and in the long run for her community.

“As part of the pallet industry we understand the importance of trucking in the economy, and the opportunities it creates for big and small businesses alike,” Torres said. “The regulations being passed in California have a huge economic impact, but not doing anything about the pollution problem is a guaranteed environmental disaster. When we have meetings like these, we can feel the leadership at the state level help us make the transition into the cleaner more sustainable future that is coming.”

Through the Mayor’s Office, arrangements were made to have Todd Warden with South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) address the Trucker’s Summit. Some of the topics covered by Todd and his team, Tom Lee and Ash Nikravan, were the “Plus Up” incentives for low NOx trucks purchased through the On-Road Heavy-Duty Voucher Incentive Program, Clean Air Vehicle Technology, Eligible Equipment Categories for the VW Mitigation Trust funding, and more.

On a side note, Warden noted that an electric lawn mower will reduce environmental emissions by the equivalent of 40 cars, and an electric blower will reduce emissions by the equivalent of 80 cars.

“Bringing resources for my community enables everyone to win,” said Mayor John Valdivia who hosted the Truckers Summit. “Truckers have increased regulations, yet with these grants and funds, the truckers in our community can now upgrade their fleet to meet and yes, even surpass the emissions standards. It’s a win for our truckers, our environment, and residents of our city.”

Daniel Walter, CEO of Smash My Trash company, presented a live demonstration on how compacting trash dumpsters can safely reduce roll-off dumpster hauls by up to 70%. Using a large roller at the end of a crane, the compactor did its job on a dumpster filled with wood to the amazement of the onlookers.

“The pallet industry is already having to comply with the new state regulations, and taking advantage of the various equipment incentives is worth taking a chance,” Edgar Montes, Director of Operations with the G.O. Pallets, Inc., said. “We need to do our part for better air quality. By nature, the pallet industry is already green and environmentally friendly. Nearly every bit of wood is being used for something. The left-over fragments of wood and sawdust are recycled to make particle boards. The nails are collected and recycled.”


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