Cinemark Renaissance Marketplace and XD celebrates grand opening

IECN photo Robert Montez: From left: Rafael Trujillo, City of Rialto Council Member; Michael Sayers, GM Cinemark Renaissance Marketplace and XD; Randall Lewis, Owner & Executive Vice President Marketing for the Lewis Group; Clifford Young, Board President for the West Valley District; Deborah Robertson, Mayor of Rialto; Mark Zoradi, Chief Executive Officer for Cinemark Theatres; come together for the ticket ripping ceremony while Bryan Jeffries, Vice President of Marketing and Promotions for Cinemark Theatres observes on stage.

The city of Rialto has a new addition, Cinemark Renaissance Marketplace and XD held its grand opening on Aug. 15th at the new Renaissance Marketplace, a 430,000 square-foot shopping, dining and entertainment center in Rialto.

IECN photo Shelby Horton: Cinemark has a restaurant and well-stocked bar so audiences can enjoy “dinner and a movie” in one place.

City council members and residents of Rialto were invited to experience Cinemark for free on opening night. Residents were given a VIP ticket that included a free movie, soda, and popcorn.

Cinemark is made to be destination point – it includes a lounge with a full bar serving favorite beer, wine and cocktail selections.  The theatre offers a concession stand with Coca-Cola Freestyle fountain drink machines as well as an expanded dining menu with items that can be served seat-side.

Cinemark has a variety of immersive experiences for their movie-going audiences. Each theatre is filled with reclining leather seats, seat warmers, and movable tables to hold snacks.

Some theatres are set apart for a more immersive experience that includes D-BOX motion seats that allow the audience to feel the action. D-BOX seats move, vibrate, and jump to the action scenes of the movie.

“This our way of putting you in the movie, a lot of young adults and children will love to see the big action on screen while also feeling it,” said Bryan Jeffries, Vice President of Marketing and Promotions at Cinemark.

Another immersive experience unique to Cinemark is the XD theatre, XD standing for Extreme Digital. This theatre has the largest screen in the Rialto location, with wall-to-wall speakers for 11.1 multi-layers of sound.

“It’s a really nice investment by Cinemark to bring the grandeur of Hollywood to the Inland Empire,” said Troy Alcaraz, local Riverside up and coming filmmaker. “This new one-stop entertainment complex is the new normal for the typical movie experience. It leaves a lasting impression on moviegoers young and old.”

The grand opening was marked with speeches from Rialto city council members, a dance performance from Aria Dance and Cheer, and a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

“This is a fantastic event; the whole event and plan was a dream come true. For taking what was once the Rialto airport and turning 1,500 acres of land into an economic benefit for our community,” said Deborah Robertson, Mayor of Rialto.

Cinemark is one of many redevelopment projects for the Rialto airport property and is a cornerstone for other projects, Rialto City Treasurer Edward Carrillo describes the excitement surrounding the project and its success.

“This entire development here is a major economic benefit for the community. It provides employment for our youth and sales tax revenue, this is something we’ve been planning for a while. The city council has worked very hard to make this a reality after getting the airport closed. We’re making wonderful things happen for Rialto,” said Carrillo.

Cinemark is also experiencing recognition and success from their community early on, General Manager Mike Sayers was presented a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition by Congresswoman Norma Torres. Sayers describes that in his ten years at Cinemark he has never assembled a team as great as the one he has in Rialto.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to see the turnout we have tonight, we never imagined the positive reaction we would we get from the community, we’re very happy,” concluded Jeffries.

Cinemark joins 24 Hour Fitness, Five Below, Starbucks, Panda Express and 7-Eleven at the Renaissance Marketplace.


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