CITY TALK recognizes Animal Services Officer Abe Rivera

Abe Rivera, Animal Services Officer, and Dr. G, Council Member and Founder of CITY TALK.
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On Thursday, December 2, Council Member Dr. G (Dr. Luis S González) presented the CITY TALK “Employee Spotlight” recognition to Abe Rivera, an eight-year employee of the City of Colton, as an Animal Services Officer (ASO).

Born and raised in Colton, Officer Rivera is a 2001 graduate of Colton High School. After serving five years in the United States Marine Corps, Officer Rivera worked in parking enforcement for San Bernardino City and then has worked 13 years in Animal Services, both for San Bernardino County, and the City of Colton. During this time he also volunteered his time in the community by serving as Board VP of Colton Youth Soccer.

According to Officer Rivera, ASOs receive calls for a wide variety of situations, and which deal with “any and all issues having to do with animals.” On any given day, an ASO may need to respond to dog bites, unusual critters (snakes, opossums, etc.), or a pet bringing home a strange item. “We get calls for all kinds of situations,” notes Officer Rivera.

During a “ride-a-long,” last week, Officer Rivera took Dr. G to Reche Canyon to monitor the movement of the burros, which roam free in the area and are protected by the Federal Government.

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As Officer Rivera explains, “Many times they are involved in traffic accidents or wander into private property and assistance from the ASO is needed,” warning motorists, “Don’t feed the burros…otherwise, they will continue to approach cars and cause a problem.”

When asked about the biggest issue with regard to animal control services, Rivera responded, “It’s generally cases that involve some kind of cruelty or abuse of animals. We have to assess those situations carefully, and then respond appropriately or else the problem will continue.”

After eight years on the job, Officer Rivera was quick to cite various laws and legal issues dealing with Animal Control services. “It’s important to have the correct information,” he added.

“We are certainly proud to recognize all of our employees in the City of Colton,” smiles Dr. G, and continued, “but as time and opportunity allow, an employee spotlight provides an opportunity to recognize the individual efforts of employees who really stand out for their dedication, hard work, and excellent service within our various departments and the community.” We sure have great employees who work hard and care about our city. Officer Abe Rivera is one of those employees. Great job to Officer Rivera, and congratulations on this recognition.

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