Colton Councilmember collects 30 bags of trash at freeway off-ramp

Photos Dr. G: Councilmember Dr. G. collected about 30 bags full of trash at the freeway off-ramp at E. Valley Boulevard & Sperry Dr.
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Colton Councilmember Dr. G (Dr. Luis S. Gonzalez) collected around 30 bags of trash while cleaning up the freeway off-ramp at E. Valley Boulevard and Sperry Dr., on Wednesday June 24.

“There was huge pile of trash that compiled in a short amount of time in that location. I probably made about 80 trips to the recycle space, in a three-hour time span,” said Dr. G.

The initiative made by Dr. G is nothing new, he has been picking up trash at various locations throughout his district and beyond for the past six years.

“I throw on some old clothes, bring a mask, hand sanitizer, a spray bottle and get to work. For six years I’ve been picking up trash on Valley Boulevard every Tuesday morning, La Cadena Drive every Thursday morning and on Wednesday mornings…I tend to clean other locations within the 4th district,” continued Dr. G.

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Many would think that his initiative is a coordinated act with other volunteers, but no, it’s primarily Dr. G out in the field cleaning up the city…sometimes even clearing dumped mattresses, tires and various items of furniture.

“By picking up trash and junk around our city, I hope I can inspire others to do the same. We have a huge dumping problem in our city…likely due to residents wanting to avoid a land fill charge from a dumping agency,” Dr. G said.

Dr. G’s initiative is even likely saving the city some money, as his weekly cleanups are mitigating a hefty load the city no longer has to worry about.

“I just do it and I do it quietly; it’s not through the city. But If the city performed this work, it would take about five or six employees,” concluded Dr. G.

Dr. G. recommends Colton residents utilize CR&R Environmental Services because it offers five bulk item pick-ups free of charge. For more information, contact CR&R at 909-370-3377.

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