Letters to the editor: SB 100 will help diminish reliance on fossil fuels

Photo/Inland Power and Light: An example of a community solar farm.
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Dear Editor:

Black soot from trucks, seas of freeways, and the perpetuation of unstable warehouse jobs are the circumstances my future is faced with as a young first generation Mexican student.  At school, we are taught to think critically about the problems our society faces, and one common issue that weaves the struggles I’ve mentioned above is climate change and environmental injustice, specifically caused from burning fossil fuels.

Our energy sources today not only hurt our environment but are becoming more toxic than ever. Methane leaks, gas prices on the rise, and outdated and inefficient power plants do harm for our communities. Senate President Kevin de Leon’s California Clean Energy Act of 2017 (Senate Bill 100) intends to move our state towards 100% renewable energy generation by providing sustainable jobs, cleaner environments, and a better future.

Courtesy Photo: Samuel Rodriguez is a student at Crafton Hills and San Bernardino Valley Colleges and volunteer for the Sierra Club’s My Generation Campaign.

Continuing to use fossil fuels as an energy source must become a thing of the past. Our economy’s transition to clean energy needs to happen now and not later. As a student concerned about my community’s well-being, I hope we can unite and make a change for our region towards affordable, local, clean renewable energy by supporting SB 100.

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Samuel Rodriguez, Highland

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