Mexican Independence Day celebration scheduled for Sep. 15 at Moreno Valley College

Photo/Anthony Victoria: Mexican Consulate officials seated with Moreno Valley City Council members and Moreno Valley College leaders during a press conference in San Bernardino on Aug. 11. The Consulate's annual "Grito" event will be held at Moreno Valley College on September 15.
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Mexican consulate officials announced Friday that their annual Mexican Independence Day Celebration this year has a new location–Moreno Valley.

The re-enactment of El Grito de Dolores, Mexico’s symbolic revolutionary war cry, will take place at Moreno Valley College on Sep. 15.

Consul Salomon Rosas Ramirez believes Mexico’s Declaration of Independence symbolizes an important day for both Mexicans and Latinos.

“We want to send a message of unity to our community,” said Rosas. “We are all working for good causes that unites us Mexicans and Latinos.”

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The Mexican Consulate of San Bernardino has held Independence Day celebrations at Cal State San Bernardino in recent years. They said holding the event at Moreno Valley College will help attract people from other areas of the Inland Empire.

With 60 percent of the population being Latino, Moreno Valley serves as an “ideal” place to host an event with so much cultural significance, explained Mayor Yxstian Gutierrez.

“We take great pride in putting on this event and showcase [Latino] culture,” Gutierrez said.

Inland Empire Economic Partnership and Cardenas Market stalwart Marco Robles is slated to receive the coveted Ohtli Award presented by Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto to individuals that demonstrate exemplary commitment to helping Mexicans abroad.

Moreno Valley Councilwoman Victoria Baca, who spent her childhood attending Independence day events in Los Angeles, said she’s proud Moreno Valley is hosting the event.

“We have a big event planned,” Baca said. “And we welcome everyone with open arms.”

Riverside resident Erika Paz said she is excited to see the event taking place in Riverside County.

“Other Latin-American countries also celebrate their independence during September,” Paz said. “I hope this event brings the community together in celebration of diversity, especially under these moments of hardship of both political and racial tension.”





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