Mr.Trump ill-equipped to be president

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This article is based primarily on the writings and opinions of Senator Al Franken. His wit and satire are legendary from his years on Saturday Night Live. His first observation is about President Trump’s ban on President Obama’s relationship with Cuba. You will recall that Obama drastically began new and more open relations with Cuba after the death of Castro. More trade, Embassy’s to and for each country, encouraging tourism, building of businesses, etc.

But he (Trump) pandered with the Cubans living in South Florida. He catered to them by way of Senator Marco Rubio. He was not born in Cuba, has never visited there, and doesn’t “understand Cuban efforts, work and sacrifices to safeguard their independence and sovereignty.”

When Rubio addressed a small crowd of Cubans, he spoke in English. But a local magazine (The Week) states unequivocally, Trump lied to the Miami Cubans. “They are just the latest dupes of this arrogant, incoherent excuse for a President.”

Donald has vowed that his companies will not take advantage of his position as President. A lie. He has recently engaged in 159 new ventures in several Russian affiliated countries like Georgia. They also include Turkey, the Philippines, China, Armenia, Cuba, etc.

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In his rash bid for the presidency he promised to maintain Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, but now he advocates a depleting of all three. All in the interest of granting a tax cut for the Wall Street billionaires. I refuse to crown him with a sophisticated title or the “king of prevaricators.” He is not interested in anyone but himself and the members of his family.

Trump has been described as a narcissist and a misogynist. I describe him as an overweight 71-year-old man, a cowardly bully who is a poor excuse for a man.

He picks on women like Mika of the Morning Joe; Katie Tur, a reporter; Megyn, the questioner from Fox; the beauty queen that he called fat; the Mother of a dead Muslim Soldier, Ghazala Khan, Carly Fiorina, and Trump’s confession of his seduction of married women.

As a businessman, he got his millions from his grandfather who got his start in Alaska and who owned several houses of prostitution. His grandparents were both immigrants from Germany.

Trump’s mother was an immigrant from Scotland. Two of Donald’s wives were also immigrants.

Here is an accurate account of this would-be he-man. During the Vietnam War, he got five deferments – through the efforts of his father. Supposedly he had “heel spurs. “Yet, he has bragged that he played football and soccer while in college. He is a liar and a draft dodger.

There are questions about Trump’s intelligence. He brags about it. For example, he has declared that he is smarter than and knows more than the Generals. He constantly refuses to avail himself of the intelligence of his cabinet members. He has never been in politics or was an office holder. His skill as a “deal” maker is suspect. In fact, he is scornful of learning.

His lack of knowledge about history is appalling. For example, he stated that President Andrew Jackson would never do what Abraham Lincoln did, instigate the Civil War. Jackson died 16 years before that war.

Trump is a master in the use of misdirection. The skill of a magician. Whenever he faces a serious problem or policy, he voices a misdirection. For example, his mocking Mika and Joe Scarborough; dumb and a psycho. I describe him as a school-yard bully.

Enlarging on the observation of Trump’s use of misdirection, consider his reaction to the failure of Republicans to have an acceptable Health Plan. Trump immediately suggests that the Senate “Repeal NOW and Replace later.”

Franken says, “The thing that bothers me most about Trump is his lying.” And seldom does anyone challenge him or them. Trump has a severe habit of gross exaggeration’ about statistics, policies or what he perceives about other people. I don’t care much about Ted Cruz, but I feel sorry for him regarding Trump’s description of him.”

Trump is ill equipped to be President. His behavior in business, his views about women and his ignorance about history. But most important is why in the world do his supporters ignore his lying and ignorance.

The New York Times has printed the demographics of Trump’s followers. Sixty one percent are white with no high school diploma. Fifty-four percent live in trailers-rather than homes with foundations.

Forty-Seven percent are firm segregationists. Forty-two percent are Evangelical Christians. “The percentage of working-age adults who neither have a job or are looking for one is extremely high.”

Amen Selah. So be it.

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