June 21, 2024


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CITY TALK recognizes Arthur W. Morgan for Economic Development

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Photo Dr. G : L-R Dr. G, Colton City Council Member and Founder of CITY TALK, left, and Arthur W Morgan, Economic Development Manager.

By Dr. G (Dr Luis S González), community writer

On Wednesday, October 20 Council Member Dr. G (Dr. Luis S González) presented the CITY TALK “Employee Spotlight” recognition to Arthur W. Morgan, for his outstanding service as an employee of the City of Colton. Mr. Morgan has served eleven years as the Economic Development Manager, under the City Manager’s office.

Mr. Morgan came to the City of Colton in 2010 and quickly established himself as a leader and “visionary” for the economic development of our city. Due to his hard work over these years, and his rising reputation for positive business relations, Mr. Morgan was a driving force in bringing highly-regarded business professionals to Colton to develop their establishments in the City’s pristine west end, which became known as the “Hub City Centre.”

When asked about the possible reason for his success, Mr. Morgan quickly responded, “The Charrette was the catalyst.” Then he elaborated, “In 2018, we were able to bring together many stakeholders who contributed to creating a vision and a plan for the west end of the City.”

As a result of his aggressive networking, this two-day “workshop” set the groundwork for the development of the ”Hub City Specific Plan,” which was subsequently adopted by the Colton City Council. Mr. Morgan brought together representatives from Arrowhead Regional Medical Center (ARMC), the California University of Science and Medicine (CUSM), the Colton Golf Course, property owners, business owners, developers, city staff, City Council, planning commissioners, and residents of the community. From this point on, the City’s business synergy simply “took off” and now the residents of Colton can not only be proud of the new development, but can benefit from a beautiful, vibrant, and strong business community that is continuing to grow.

Another notable achievement was the fact that Mr. Morgan did not slow down during the 2020 pandemic year. During that difficult period of time, Mr. Morgan not only spearheaded several business openings, such as a new Starbucks and Black Bear Diner. In addition, he brought in developers to construct new projects such as Woodsprings Hotel, the Tropica Ranch Commerce Center, Garden Villas and Wildrose housing projects, and the crown jewel of development that year, the California University of Science and Medicine.

“We are certainly proud to recognize all of our employees in the City of Colton,” smiles Dr. G. “However, time and opportunity are limited, so an ‘employee spotlight’ allows us to recognize the individual efforts of employees who really stand out for their dedication, hard work, and long-standing service to our various departments and the community.”

We sure have great employees who work hard and care about our city. Mr. Morgan is one of those employees. Great job to Mr. Arthur W. Morgan, and congratulations on this recognition.

The CITY TALK “Employee spotlight” recognition was established in 2020 to recognize the great efforts that employees make in service to the City, and for the benefit of our community. For more information about CITY TALK, various community groups, Colton history, the trash clean-up, prayer list, Veteran Spotlight, community projects and events, neighborhood meetings, or the online live-stream programs, text or call Dr. G @ 909-213-3730. Dr. G is the founder of CITY TALK, a City Council Member and well-known community advocate. Questions and comments are always welcome.


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