Colton High soccer star Jorge Ruvalcaba to play for Leganés FC

Photo Gina Ruvalcaba:   Colton High School senior Jorge Ruvalcaba will be moving to Spain this summer to play professional soccer.

Discipline, dedication and sacrifice are required to achieve certain goals, in Colton, a young man has exercised those characteristics and will see his dream come to fruition this summer. Jorge Ruvalcaba, a senior at Colton High School, has demonstrated his determination to succeed and will be on his way to Spain to play for Leganes FC, a professional soccer team in Europe.

For Jorge this is a new and exciting endeavor, as he will be travelling across the globe to play the sport he loves. At the age of three, Jorge started playing recreational soccer in Colton. His family wanted to start him early, and it paid dividends.

“He’s always been a great player and his work ethic shows on the field,” said Jorge’s mother Gina Ruvalcaba. “You can see how much he loves the sport.”

These are exciting times for Jorge as he is coming closer to living his dream. Having already practiced in Spain with the squad over Spring Break, Jorge will be signing his contract in July to make it official.

Never will he forget what got him here.

“My family is what drives me. Without their support and guidance none of this would be possible,” Jorge mentioned. “Hard work is what they taught me and I’m going to continue that heading into my career in Spain.”

As it might be challenging to be so far from home, Jorge explained that he believes his capabilities and work ethic will help him in the next chapter of life. To Jorge, he knows he carries much support from his family and he knows that they are proud. This is what they worked for and Jorge is more than ready to take on the task as he heads to take his game to the next level representing Colton, his family and himself.