Colton Jr. Micro All American Football Team brings home Superbowl victory

Courtesy Photo:    First row L-R: Nicolas Ramirez, Michael Gomez, Julian Quezada, Jesse Trujillo, Ethen Mercardo, Israel Velasquez, Xavier Reyna, Abel Alverado, Phillip Lobato, Samuel Eilar. 2nd row L-R: Team AD Lourdes Castor, Coach Gilbert Hernandez, Coach Nicklass Garcia, Coach Mike Castor, Coach Gabriel Aparicio, Coach Edward Marquez, Ethan Marquez, Asst. AD Priscilla Marquez. 3rd row L-R: Jeremiah DeLaRosa, Augustine Chapparo, Reece Vasquez, Giuliano Danovaro, Adam Gonzales, Nathan Sacchette, Derek Aparicio, Eli Gonzalez, Ethan Ojeda. Back row L-R: Luke Medina, Joseph Rubio, Xaivier Perez, Arthur Caldera Jr., Jaymes Trujillo, Elijah Castillo, Max Castor, Tommy Martinez.

Colton’s very own Yellowjackets, a Jr. Micro All American Football team, brought home their Super Bowl championship at the Grand Terrace High School stadium on December 1, 2019.  Mike Castor, Head Coach, said that the team had played nine games in the regular season with one loss against Hesperia, and after playing two games in the playoff semi-finals, found themselves face to face with the Hesperia team in the Super Bowl game.

Nick Garcia, the Defensive Coordinator/Coach said the Yellowjackets consisted of all male players aged 6 to 8 years old. 

“There were a lot of first year ball players on the team,” said Garcia, “They made quite a transition in learning the important fundamentals of the game.  There were several returning members who really wanted to win the championship this year and they really stepped up.” 

Garcia stated that the experience with the young men left him speechless at their hard work and dedication. 

“Derek Aparicio, Reese Vasquez, Luke Medina and James Trujillo were kind of my superstars,” Garcia shared, “I couldn’t have been more proud of them, of the whole team, really.  It was almost like being a proud dad over and over and over.”

The game ended with a score of 27-25 in favor of the Yellowjackets. 

Castor stated, “All of the team members did their part; they all worked together for the win.  I kept asking them throughout the season, ‘Do you believe you can be champions?’ and told them if they believed that, they could achieve that.” 

Along with Castor, the team was guided by Nick Garcia as the Defensive Coordinator, with Gilbert Hernandez, Gus Ojeda, and Mario Fierro III as Agility Coaches.  Gabriel Aparicio was the Assistant Head Coach.  Lourdes Castor and Priscilla Gutierrez-Marquez served as the team’s athletic directors.

“I’m glad they were able to win,” said Castor, “they worked really hard.”

Congratulations to the Colton Yellowjackets Jr. Micro All American Football team!  You’ve made Colton very proud!  We wish you the best of luck in the next season!