G Team celebrates two years of service

Photo Dr. G: The G Team: from left, Sharon Hughbanks, Pat Martinez, Rosanne Reyes, Christina Perris, James Lawrence, Nellie Cortez. Not pictured: Norma Gallardo.

The CITY TALK trash clean-up efforts have continued to evolve, and over years, various trash projects have been tackled, both big and small, to help keep our city walkways, parkways, and alleys clean as possible. “We like to leave our project areas better than when we started,” says Dr. G, founder and coordinator of this program.

The most recent project last week was an excellent example of our resident volunteers, known as the G Team, stepping up to help make a difference in the community. The huge clean-up project off Sperry Dr. was scheduled in celebration of the second anniversary of the now-famous G Team, which was created in 2019, just after Dr.G retired from Colton High School. The Sperry Drive alley is a known thoroughfare for pedestrian traffic and illegal dumping. “It was a perfect choice to recognize the hard work of the G Team volunteers,” said Nellie Cortez, longest-serving G Team member.

Dr. G has been picking up trash since 2014 and started very small around his neighborhood. Over time, the trash clean-up efforts have grown to wider areas and have involved a few more people. “We now have a core group of people,” explains Dr. G, who adds, ”Occasionally others join in, and even community service groups.”

The Lions Club of Colton has joined in with Dr. G several times on a project, and on one occasion, volunteers from Grand Terrace joined on a collaborative project. In earlier years, student members of the “CAM” Club (Colton Area Museum) have helped, as well as various groups from Colton High School. Even the young Colton Boy Scout troop has had a project with Dr. G.

Currently, the core group of G Team members is made up of eight individuals; Nellie Cortez, Norma Gallardo, James Lawrence, Rosanne Reyes, Pat Martinez, Sharon Hughbanks, Christina Perris, and Dr. G. They are all residents of Colton, and they all care deeply for our City. All of them are volunteers and come Tuesdays or Thursdays to help Dr. G with various clean-up projects. Occasionally, they perform mini-trash clean-up projects (one bag), and on special projects, a Saturday will be planned.

James Lawrence commented, “It’s a way to give back to the community, and help the residents appreciate their neighborhoods more.” Another member, Norma Gallardo added personal touch, “I pick up trash to help make sure we keep our city beautiful.”

“The way I see it,” smiles Dr. G, “is that the trash clean-up project is a win-win-win situation,” who went on to elaborate, “The area gets cleaned, the neighborhood is happy, and the residents in Colton are proud.”

“It’s great exercise,” added Christina Perris, “and people feel good about the effort.”

Whatever the reason to participate, the G Team has every reason to celebrate two years of continuing “to give back to the community,” as Pat Martinez puts it. Looking at the track record of this loyal group, one can appreciate their efforts and congratulate them on a job well done.

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