Garcia Center celebrates Las Posadas with music, food and giving


On Thursday, December 23, the Garcia Center for the  Arts hosted a Las Posadas celebration for a night of tradition, celebration and coming together. 

The Las Posadas story is a Catholic celebration that commemorates Mary and Joseph’s search for a place to stay to give birth to baby Jesus. 

This is the center’s fifth year hosting the celebration and it was helped put together by various community members and organizations including, former San Bernardino Councilman and Director of the event, Benito Barrios. 

“As the years have gone by, resources are increasing, which is great because, in the end, people just want to help”, said Barrios. 

The celebration featured attendees dressing as Mary, Joesph, and the three wise men walking around the surrounding neighborhood to mimic the story of Mary and Joseph searching for an inn the day Jesus was born.

As they were walking, attendees sang songs for the residents before ending their search for an Inn at the Garcia Center. 

Once back at the center, the final song was sung as they were finally sheltered. 

Following the conclusion of this, attendees were provided snacks such as champurrado, coffee and pan dulce. 

In addition to serving snacks, the center donated toys to the children in attendance. 

“One of the biggest things we get to do here is, give the children the opportunity to pick a toy and pick another toy to give to someone else,” said Barrios. 

With this celebration, Barrios hopes to help unite the community of San Bernardino while also teaching community members about this story. 

“This isn’t something I plan on doing forever, but if I can spread and keep alive the message that Jesus is the reason for the season, I’d be gratified,” said Barrios. 

He also hopes to expand the Las Posadas celebration across San Bernardino County to make it a nine-day celebration at different locations in San Bernardino leading up to Christmas Eve on December 24.