June 19, 2024


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Immaculate Conception renovation just about compete

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(L to R): First row Doug Blinkinsop, Victor Villarreal, Father Max, Gary Bean, second row; Jesus Vargas, Jose Borja, David Delgado.

After three months of re-construction, and hours of volunteer work, the Immaculate Conception Church of Colton is soon to open its doors once again to a newly remodeled Sanctuary.

According to Father Max, parish priest, the church is making plans to re-open in the coming weeks, as soon as possible. “Our church renovation looks beautiful,” says parishioner Tish Baden, who along with dozens of church members are responding with enthusiasm to the recent renovation pictures that were posted on Facebook and other social media.

Last week upon visiting the church, Dr G, Council Member and well-known community advocate, accepted an invitation from one of the church representatives Eloy Sanchez, to tour the project’s area while the workers were taking a much-deserved break. While talking with this dedicated group, Dr G learned that the renovation includes new flooring, new paint, new pews with hydraulic kneeling pads, new altar area, and new pedestals.

After Dr. G entered the church he came upon Phillip Santa Rosa, a long-time church member and artist, who was diligently touching up one of several pieces of artwork that are displayed. “We have to take care of the art,” smiled Phillip, who shared a long conversation with Dr.G about local art, including the art program at Colton High School. “We have many people who can contribute their talents,” explained Father Max, the newly appointed priest leading the church.

Year after year, this church parish continues to evolve. The Immaculate Conception Church of Colton faithfully serves the residents of Colton with multiple church services, a variety of support groups, and robust community engagement programs, such as the Dinner-Hour Ministry and weekly Food Distribution.  “This is a great church,” says church member Rosa Granado-Dominguez, who continued, “The renovations are beautiful…I can’t wait to worship there again.” When commenting, Rosa was referring to the social hall, which for the last three months has served as a temporary place for services. “The excitement is growing,” added Doug Blinkinsop, one of the active church members assisting with this project.

For a long time, if not generations, the Immaculate Conception Church has been a pilar of he community for 80 years, and continues to provide faithful and meaningful support to those who attend. This renovation project not only generates increased enthusiasm for the church, but effectively represents the successful mission to serve the community and to share the Gospel to its parishioners. The City of Colton is fortunate to have this church among the leading church bodies who effectively serve the residents. May their hard work and faithful efforts continue to be a blessing to our community.

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