October 3, 2023


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Isabella Fraire is keeping the spirit of Norma’s Hair Salon alive after her mother’s passing

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Photo Isabella Fraire   Isabella Fraire (left) is now operating Norma's Hair Salon, after her mother Norma Pizana (right) passed away of cancer in November 2020.

After being in business for almost 30 years, Norma Pizana, hairdresser and owner of Norma’s Hair Salon, passed away on November 11, 2020.

Pizana, who was known to donate dresses and style hair for underprivileged students at Cajon High School, left the thriving business to her children, Isabella Fraire and Jerry Pizana.

Fraire found herself as a co-owner of the business and has learned to cut and professionally style hair. 

While she says the transition has not been easy, she does all she can to make her mother proud and move the business forward. 

“The salon is the only piece of my mom I have left. So many of my mom’s clients share stories about how sweet and helpful she was to those in need. So many of them have said they’re proud that we didn’t close or sell the salon and that they’ll continue to support us along the way,” said Fraire.

Since she was a child, she says that she remembers her mom putting a smile on her client’s face with a new haircut and fresh style.

“My mom always inspired me; she fought cancer for almost 21 years and continued going into the salon and cutting her clients’ hair, who she considered family,” continued Fraire. 

As she continues to navigate through such a tough loss, her Father Gerardo Pizana, Husband Nuno Fraire, and her son (who was a newborn when Norma passed) have been helping her cope and juggle all aspects of life and business. 

When asked what the most rewarding part is about owning a small business, Nuno Fraire said it’s been the employees

“We couldn’t have moved forward with the business without the team we have on staff because Covid was a huge detriment. We closed down for a few months and needed a strong team to come back in full force. When Norma was in the hospital the staff really stepped up during our time of need. Not only are our clients the backbone of the salon, our hairstylists are too,” said Nuno Fraire.

The hairstylists and staff referenced by Fraire include Alma Gonzalez, Veronica Gutierrez, Vanessa Rivera, Natalie Gaytan and Anthony Bocanegra, who all played a pivotal role in maintaining the flow of the business when Norma was in the hospital in 2020.

In the next five years, the two sibling co-owners’ goals are to expand Norma’s Hair Salon into other regions, keeping Norma’s name alive. 

“It’s so rewarding that my mom trusted and believed in me to operate this business that she loved. She inspired so many of her clients, and most of all, she inspired me,” concluded Fraire. 

Norma’s Hair Salon is located at 1331 Kendall Dr., Suite 9, San Bernardino.

Appointments are appreciated, walk-ins are welcome. 

For more information, visit normashairsalons.com.


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