Leno’s Rico Taco celebrates 30 years

When we think about the meaning of the phrase “long-standing,” we don’t have to go far to find the well-known food establishment, Leno’s Rico Taco, setting the pace. For 30 years, Leno’s Rico Taco (Leno’s) has been a main-stay on Valley Blvd. for over a generation, and continues to draw new customers with its long established philosophy of good food, good customer service, and fair pricing.

“We haven’t had a price increase in four years,” exclaimed owner Leno Moreno.

When asked about some additional milestones over the years, Leno responded, “probably the groundbreaking of the remodeling project on March 2017.” He continued, “Other than that, we’ve been remodeling since the day we moved in.”

As he elaborated, Leno pointed out that many customers have been coming for years, including Mrs. Perez, his very first customer, a CHS bus driver who walked in when she finished her morning route. “I remember that day,” smiled Leno, “it was Ash Wednesday.”

Colton City Councilman Dr. G and Mayor Frank Navarro present Liz and Leno Moreno with a Certificate of Recognition of their 30th anniversary and dedication to the community.

Now serving the next generation, Leno’s is widely known as a great place to go, not only for a quick cup of coffee on the way to work, but features great menu offerings any time during the day. Old-timers love to stop by for a chat, while young customers enjoy the quick service and fair price.

“My sons have shown an interest in keeping the family business going,” explains Leno. “Two of them are working here full-time, and my brother Val, has been with me since the beginning,” he added.

With his long-standing success, wide-popularity, and consistent service there is no doubt that Leno’s Rico Taco will continue to be a top food place of choice on Valley Blvd, “The Beverly Hills of Colton,” as Leno describes it.

Reflecting on this business accomplishment, Leno explains, “This business has allowed me to meet a lot of people.” During the conversation, it was also evident that Leno’s Rico Taco is also a big part of the community. They support youth groups at Colton High School, donate tacos (of course) to local events, and collaborate with local groups such as “Seeds of Hope,” who for 10 years, have been collecting and giving Christmas toys, clothes, and supplies to local children.

Everyone who knows about Colton, knows about Leno’s Rico Taco. For 30 years they have been a big part of the community, not only as an outstanding food establishment but for their commitment to the community. Leno and Liz Moreno are to be congratulated for their long-standing success. Leno’s Rico Taco is located at 549 West Valley Blvd. Hours are M-F 8 a.m. – 8 p.m., closed on Sunday.

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