LULAC volunteers register Rialto area high school students to vote

Christal Garcia at Eisenhower High School encouraging students to be civic-minded.
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Last week, volunteers from the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) of the Inland Empire Council 3163 registered and pre-registered about 650 high school seniors to vote.  They expect to register over 1,000 students by the end of their annual service project.

“Civically engaging our community by registering them to vote has been a national service project of LULAC since its inception in 1929,” said LULAC voter registration coordinator and Councilmember Rafael Trujillo.  “Thousands of young Rialto voters have been involved in Rialto’s decision making over the years because of the hard work of our volunteers.  Voter registration is crucial to giving them a voice.  It’s a good model for other communities in the Inland Empire to follow.”

Since 1993, the National Voter Registration Act, often known as the Motor Voter law, has helped millions of people register to vote or update their voter information during a driver license or ID card transaction at the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

“The California Motor Voter Law only gets you so far,” explained LULAC President and College of the Desert Trustee Mary Jane Sanchez Fulton.  “Many of our young residents don’t get their driver’s license until later in life, especially now with conveniences like the commercialized ride sharing aps.  Meanwhile, decisions are being made in their neighborhoods and in their communities come election time.”

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Eligible students have been registered to vote at Rialto and Eisenhower High Schools using traditional paper voter registration forms.  Voter registration by the LULAC of the Inland Empire Council 3163 will continue at Carter High School in September.

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